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Ways to Set Your Photography Business Apart

Updated on June 21, 2017
LuisEGonzalez profile image

I enjoy photography and have been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years.

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These days if you depend on selling your photo services to clientele instead of selling directly to magazines or other photo related publication you can find that the market is extremely competitive.

The most lucrative selling hot spots are usually nature related ones and these feature many professionals who are extremely well versed in what these markets want and they know exactly how to supply them with winning, saleable shots.

However many photographers at one time or another do offer their services to people. Be it a wedding, a birthday party or any other special occasion you need to set yourself apart and not simply do what the rest does.

Consider offering services that include videos of the event along with still shots. You can have someone else video tape portions alongside your shooting sessions or you can even use a modern DSLR that allows video taping as well as photographic images.

One really good video/photo DSLR is the SONY a57 DSLR. It can shoot up to 29 minutes of continuous tape at a time. A much better alternative would be to use the Black Magic Video Assist.

Now it’s easy to add professional monitoring and recording to any SDI or HDMI camera with Blackmagic Video Assist! You get a super bright touch screen display that’s much larger than the displays found on DSLR cameras, making it easier to accurately set focus and frame shots, plus you get high speed SD card recorders for HD or Ultra HD recording in incredible 10-bit 4:2:2 quality ProRes or DNxHD files. Now, with both a 7” Ultra HD and 5” HD model, Blackmagic Video Assist works with any camera where you need better monitoring and more professional high quality file recording!

These type of sessions; photo and video combined are called hybrids and the market has seen a steady rise for it use in recent years.

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Consider expanding your business functions as well by teaching photography classes. Many amateurs buy really expensive equipment and in reality do not know much in how to use them to their full potential. Teaching a class in how to maximize using a fancy DSLR can go a long ways in getting you possible leads, networking and putting your name out there.

Many who take your class will likely call you to do a photo session when the time comes. They will probably tag along with you while snapping their own images but you are the pro and they will look to you to learn even more while they observe you at work.

Think outside the box | Source

Design shoots rather than snapping once you get to the location. Browse through many scenarios and locations done by better known pros. See how they compose their shots, how each shot is designed, the angles, the perspectives, the light and so on.

Borrow ideas from them and apply the prior to the shoot. If is a great opportunity to sit down with your clients prior to the shoot and discuss what it is you want to do, the way you want them to pose, the location hat is best suitable, the light that you are looking for, and what feelings they are meant to evoke.

If you can try to take a class offered by some of the most renowned names in photography that discuss and show you ways of designing a shoot.

Although some of these courses are usually held in the photographer's hometown, many also take place in exotic locations and they can range in price from a few hundred dollars to over two thousand, depending on the location and duration. Well worth it at least once in a lifetime.

Get the services of a great makeup artist. Better yet learn to do it yourself!

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Little details can go a long way

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Don't just take shot of the vent. Offer to do a documentary featuring the models immersed in their daily routines.

This does not mean that you have to spend a week with the clients from the morning till night. It can be as simple as spending the day of the event with them documenting everything that happens prior to, during and after the event.

Don't limit yourself to shooting only indoors or at a specific hour or in specific locations. Shoot anywhere and anytime.

You are going to really get to be well versed in many light situations and well versed in many types of photography from night till dusk, the golden hour, during inclement weather, during the bright part of the day, indoors and outdoors.

Some of the most romantic shots often occur during low light situations. Learn how to shoot in low light and you can make more of the shots on demand. Whether they occur naturally like a couple kissing in the corner next to only a candle light or if you purposely set it up.

Do any of these tips appeal to you?

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Don't forget to add headshots to the array of images that you will include in a package. Do these with the same purpose as if you were only doing a simple portrait. Do not concentrate solely on photographing adults or newborns. Go for all the ages in between. From newborns to seniors and including the preteens and "tweens".

Finally look at the market for your area and try to pick up on a shortage (a photography discipline that does not seem to be done regularly).

Food photography, pet photography, nightlife or any of the many niche areas are often not offered enough in every market.

There are many photographers where you live, of that I am sure, but how many specialize in in an underdeveloped niche?

Become a specialist if you have to and be the best at it!

© 2016 Luis E Gonzalez


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    • LuisEGonzalez profile imageAUTHOR

      Luis E Gonzalez 

      4 years ago from Miami, Florida

      teaches12345: Thank you very much!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      Another great post from a professional who knows the business!


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