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Ways to Look at Art.

Updated on August 12, 2019
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People hold certain perspectives in life. Our perspectives define strongly what we see. And often, what is there, but not seen. Join to see.

How do we look versus what do we see...

Being an artist, people often ask me: "What do you you mean with this painting?"

Well, not all paintings have a true intrinsik "meaning". Paintings are an expression. Born in the moment of birth. Loaded with the energy and emotions of the moment.

Faces in a face.

What to think of this face f.e.?
What to think of this face f.e.?


Here is should be obvious that the "painting" is a combination of lots of smaller items...

Faces, colored version.

Adding some colors help visualize though.
Adding some colors help visualize though.

Sometimes obvious, sometimes not.

Humanity must have been discussing "art", that special EX-pression of men's inner world for ages. And probably will do so for ages to come. Fortunally there's nothing to be "solved". Maybe there's only to be looked at, observed, felt, impressed, explored and who knows... Rationalised.

The toro and the matador.

As an artist one desires to express. I tried to express a news broadcast of a clash between a bull and a bull fighter in an arena some years ago.

Toro and matador, original

What do you see?

What does the spectator see...? It depends, not only on his perspective. But also on his level of understanding. AND his level of effort he wants to put in to see and recognize all there is to see.

Toro and matador, colorized accents.

Colored accents help!

The colored accents help to understand the picture: The clash of the wild animal and the human in the middle. 2 spectators on the side repressent the whole of the public.
Note how the matador and the bull are entangled with one another in the same drama developing.

A simple one

Next one is a more less complex picture.

Man in a trunk

Here too...

Here as well, color help accentuate what is hidden. Mark that "the person" is trying to feel secure inside the womb like trunk. While his split face points towards duality. Duality of (modern) men?

Modern man looking for security, governed by duality?

Big lady?

I'm very fond of my next picture which I simply caal "The big lady".

Beware of the big lady...!

What is it, that meets the eye?

Here too we see all sorts of hidden parts. Which normally can only be discovered after giving it some effort. Here, we 'help' the viewer. We help to understand. By guiding to "see".

The big lady is surrounded?

Egyptian inspiration.

At times I let myself being inspired by old Egyptian stuff: The dog Anubis, the hawk...

I mix it with other elements, welling up out of my subconscious.

Egyptian phantasy

A closer look reveals...

Lots of figures are revealed: Some spectators who seem to intrude. And in the upper corner, two lovers and a child. All archetypical in nature.

Art works with archetypes?

Art has to liberate.

Art has to go beyond. Beyond the common. Beyond borders.

Art has to draw the spectator over the issues he at times feels as a 'no go' area.

Surreal lovers, surreal painting?

To go where no one has gone before?

So much in this painting! Clarity and confusion, mixed with one another!

Are you able to see all that is hidden?

I call this paintin: "The surreal lovers!"

How colors help us out once more...

It can be simple as well.

It doesn't always have to be complicated. The idea can be represented in the most simple manner.

Meet jumper nr. 1

One fluent movement

The jumper moves fluently. Again, the surroundings are filled with surprises.

Jump, Forrest jump!

The jumper 2

In my imagination, the jumper had stopped. A surreal image is the result.

Oops! What happens when the jumper stops jumping?

Surrealism in color

What is on men's mind?

One may wonder. The artist may show it...

I see that look in your face...

The picture is a bit more complex?

This to me, is a typical male phantasy. As an artist I try to express it by making it palpable.

Subtle details emerge.

A mysterious lady

As a last edition, I want to add a most mysterious lady.

We are hidden; Find us!

When one feels succeeded in attempting what one tries to achieve!

I show. And I show "hidden". I challenge.

I use presenation, to show my art.

I count on the observation of the spectator.

I hope for the desire for exploration.

In return, I offer confrontation.

When understood well, the result may be integration.

That is how I see art, as a function to help people grow.

And thus...

What a lady!

And thus the lady becomes the centerpoint of the action.

While all kinds of figures float around her.

It is my hope that you as a spectator, were looking to grow through exploration and integration, as these imaginary guys do.

Thank you for your time.

Thus far ends my first HUB.

Hoping you've like the insight I shared with you, I invite you to like it, share it, adultly comment on it...

Since I have around 500+ paintings, one may expect more HUBS in the near future.

© 2019 Antoine Van Hove


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