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Website Banners | Graphics Tutorial

Updated on February 3, 2013
How to make website banners
How to make website banners | Source

Do It Yourself

It is always nice to learn something new. What about website banners ? Do you want to know how to make good graphics stuff and save your money? This article will show you how to utilize free tools like GIMP, pixlr and so on!

Every online content publisher may know how to create stunning featured pictures for new articles, visual offers to generate leads or cute webpage header. It is up to you which proportion you need. As an example, you can see below a picture with standard banner proportions.

Many people suffer from "advertisement blindness", many people just block flash. But picture banner is still a really proven technique how to attract visitors, if properly used.

Website Banners | Standard Proportions


Get some free stuff

Do not hesitate about free graphics!

Here are some tips how to start pretty easily without advanced skills

  • Ask uncle google to search for "free vector graphics"
  • Even free tools can handle with .psd files! Ask uncle google again to search for "free photoshop graphics" or "free psd" to scan internet for ready-for-work files and save your time
  • is huge database of Fonts free for download

10 minutes of work

If you do not have any desktop bitmap editor, just visit advanced to upload custom graphics, utilize layers and tools similar to photoshop, arrange objects and safe your files. You do not have to follow advanced tutorials if you do not want. Just perform an online research to get quality and free stuff to create your brand new website banners. It is easy!

  1. Find clear, quality background with larger proportions than desired banner size
  2. Upload and drag&drop image to your new file
  3. Attach your text or other images like ebook cover, software box or even nasty woman!
  4. If you want easypeazy animated GIF, just save two or more versions of same image for later use - for example save 2 files with different text but same background. Later we will show how to switch these 2 files easily into a GIF animated website banner.

Animated GIF

Internet provides plethora of free online services how to tie together your pictures - but they very frequently add their watermark, output is awful or filesize is huge. Many, many diseases. You also do not have to purchase gif animation software to make your easy ad units.

Learn how to make animated gif using GIMP


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is very interesting, maybe i will give it a try. Thank you....