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Website Design | How to Make Better Websites

Updated on September 15, 2013
Web Design : Do's & Don'ts
Web Design : Do's & Don'ts

Correct Criticism

There are only a few pages on the web which clearly state, what’s a good website design is and what’s not. The reason behind is that, this is a fully subjective topic, it's like, what is gorgeous and what is not beautiful. So it takes an extremely opinionated strong ego like me to step in and say, “OK! for me, This is what it is...”

Apple Website Design - 1997
Apple Website Design - 1997 | Source
MSN.Com Website Design - 2000
MSN.Com Website Design - 2000 | Source

Flashback from the Past

Now I’m jumping back to early 90's, when internet started sticking out its head, where people began to believe that, not only it would be “The Subsequent Large Factor”, it truly does provide the human race the potentials to attract anyone’s mind in a collectively - whole new way. After many of us decided to create our own website design, we first had to concentrate on already formed different internet sites to follow as doable examples. This was the only way we could study the perfect designs and teach ourselves, what not to do, before deciding what we should do. Myself alone, I've visited more than thousands of web pages since then and talked to countless internet surfers about what they like and what they don’t. And this ultimately led us to agree on some main factors, which might come in handy for those who actually try to develop better website design.

Some Bad Website Designs

Bad Website Design : Bad Organization
Bad Website Design : Bad Organization | Source
Bad website Design : Bad Use of Background Colors
Bad website Design : Bad Use of Background Colors | Source
Another Bad Website Design
Another Bad Website Design | Source

Bad Website Design Practice : Don'ts

  • Textual Content that’s Arduous to Read, including use of tiny fonts in opposition to black backgrounds and illegible fonts against picturesque backgrounds in website design.

  • Anything that Decreases the Web Page Downloading Speed. Usually, internet surfers are impatient and they’re going to exit out of any website whose pages take too long to download or have plug-ins that have to be downloaded simply to view the page.

  • Lack of a Transparent “Mission Statement” on the Home Page. Net surfers wish to know immediately what a website is on about. They don’t prefer to read number of pages, so they can get an idea of the site. They would rather simply stop wasting their time and click ‘go back’.

  • Lack of Clear Directions on the Home Page, explaining Easy Methods to get Important Info from the Site. Internet surfers wish to surf with speed, not to study in a library.

  • A House Web Page that Requires you to Click on Something to Proceed further and Enter the Positioning (that is also called a 'Portal Page'). Since a person has already entered, why in the world would he care to enter twice? Would an architect design doors, so that you would have to open twice to get into your rest room? Would any sane contractor even consider to construct such a website design?

  • Confusing Website Groups, Difficult Navigation, and Loads of Dead Links.

  • Boring Writing and Non Relevant Content. But here, there isn't much you can expect form any web designer. Artistic writing cannot be achieved from a site designer at any price. If they had been inventive content writers, they wouldn't be doing website design at all.

Better Website Designs


Good Web Design Practice : Do's

  • Valuable Textual Content, which is Simple to Read and Understand. You don’t have to be afraid to make use of big daring fonts, opposing light colored background.

  • The Fastest Downloading Pace Possible. If your site is having a large number of photos, consider about gathering them into one picture segment, since individuals will anticipate that part of the website to download in a slow manner. Also stay away from gimmicks like flash graphics. And for god’s sake, do not force your viewers to download ridiculous plug-ins to simply view your page.

  • A Transparent Mission Assertion on the House Page, descriptively explaining what the site is all about.

  • One Time, on the House Web Page Explanation, explaining what all the other pages are about.

  • A Home Page that may be a Residence Web Page – but please avoid those “Enter Here” nonsense.

  • An Organized Web Site that has Construction Setup which is Simply Understand.

  • A Great Leisure Value. This is the place where good writing expertise steps in. Consider your website as if it had been a novel or a successful record. You must seize the readers’ curiosity, immediately after they enter, and keep on maintaining it by entertaining them continuously, throughout the whole site. There’s no better method to achieve this than using your personal writing skills at an enhanced level, strategically manipulate readers' minds not to leave your site.

A General Survey...

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Expertise for Better Web Design

Try it on Your Own

Website design professionals might try to venture your persona when designing your site. However they often prevent overdoing it by using their identical methods which they implement on other sites. It’s appreciably better if you can design your website by yourself, even it get labelled as something amateurish by the pros. Because in the end, it will prevent your site from appearing like someone else’s website, which does not represent anything of you.

So just try to be creative... Think outside the box... And Ultimately, Create Your Own Personal Box!

Disclaimer: All the videos displayed on this page belong to their respective uploaders and shared for informational purposes only.

© 2013 ~Pan Tak~


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