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Wedding Photo-Shoot: Key Accessories You Must Have - Part II

Updated on September 8, 2016
Achieving a perfect wedding photo-shoot starts with having the right gear.
Achieving a perfect wedding photo-shoot starts with having the right gear. | Source

Table of Contents

The wedding photography gear reviewed in this hub includes

• Lighting Gear Accessories

• Memory Cards & Memory Card Wallets/Card Folder

• Battery Grips, Back-up Battery & Battery Chargers

• Tripods & Monopods

• Camera Bags & Other Carrying Gear

• Lens Cleaning Kit

Lighting Gear Accessories

Due to the wide array of locations that a wedding party may take place, lighting gear can be quite varied. Here are a few of these

a) Wireless Radio Slaves

These are also known as flash triggers. Their main job is to help in syncing multiple flash lights – setting up a remote triggering system. Most transmitters are made to easily mount on a camera hot shoe and they are enabled to work with various speedlights and macro-lights.

b) Battery Packs

All lighting gear comes with an additional requirement for extra power. For example, monolights or LEDs require a power source to work effectively. When working in locations with no power source, you must have a battery.

c) Light Stands

While some light sources can be mounted on the camera hot shoe or flash brackets, others are larger and they have to stand alone. For example, studio strobes are stand-alone light sources that require stands.

d) Diffusers & Modifiers

The requirement for these may vary depending on each photojournalist and the specific needs of each wedding. Diffusers and modifiers are ideal in creating soft and natural looking lighting. This helps in avoiding sharp shadows. The diffusers and modifiers come in a wide range including umbrellas and reflectors.

Get memory cards from trusted brands
Get memory cards from trusted brands | Source

Memory Cards & Memory Card Wallets/Card Folder

There are several factors that you need to consider when looking for memory cards. One, they have to be from a trusted brand. Common well-known brands include SanDisk and PNY. Secondly, they have to be high performance models. These can be any card rated at UDMA 7. The benefit of having such a card is the ability to work with high speed HD cameras without compromising image quality.

The size is another consideration. There are photographers who may choose to carry several smaller memory cards for fear of losing data. However, if you are not afraid of putting all eggs in one basket (which you should be) you can shoot a whole wedding on one card; 32GB and above.

Storage should also be taken into consideration. When you have several memory cards, chances of misplacing one is high. Therefore, ensure that you carry a memory card wallet or folder to avoid any costly loses. Always have extra memory cards for backup. Common high quality brands include:

  • Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U:3
  • Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II U:3
  • Sony M UHS-II U:3
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I U:1

Battery Grips, Back-up Battery & Battery Chargers

Battery grips are ideal especially when one is using a high performance DSLR like Canon 5D Mark III. This can give you ease since you don’t need to constantly check the battery bar on the camera screen.

It may sound obvious, but it is worthwhile to mention that you should have backup batteries that are fully charged. In addition, always carry a charger to power up the batteries that get depleted. One of the worst things that could happen in a wedding photo-shoot is inability to perform because your batteries are dead. Whenever you can, carry a battery power pack (power backup) just in case there is no power source on location.

Battery grips are ideal especially when one is using a high performance DSLR
Battery grips are ideal especially when one is using a high performance DSLR | Source

Tripods & Monopods

These are especially important for shots taken in low shutter speeds or those that focus on detail. Tripods and monopods ensure stability and taking of steady shots. Avoid heavy tripods since a wedding photo-shoot requires that you be fast on your feet. Possible choices of midsized travel tripods include:

  • Sirui T-025X Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Oben CT-2431 Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Slik Sprint Mini II GM 4-Section Tripod

Camera Bags & Other Carrying Gear

When it comes to wedding photography, ease mobility is highly required. To do this, while at the same time carrying all the gear mentioned above may not be easy. However, having the right carrier bag can save you a whole lot of hustle.

The best bags for the job are those that can enable you to carry your cameras, lenses, memory card wallets, flash units and other accessories together. Sample bags that are suited for this include:

  • The MindShift BackLight
  • AmazonBasics Backpack
  • Pelican Case with Padded Dividers

Having the right carrier bag can save you a whole lot of hustle and increase your mobility
Having the right carrier bag can save you a whole lot of hustle and increase your mobility | Source

Bonus Item: How To Clean Your Camera's Image Sensor

Lens Cleaning Kit

Lenses are bound to get dirty when running around taking photos. This is especially probable when the wedding photography is done outdoors. A sudden gust of wind can suddenly fill you lens with dust. Carry a lens cleaning kit for such instances. Possible options include:

  • Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit
  • CamKix Camera Cleaning Kit

That is all for now. Thanks for reading through

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