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Well of Inspiration: Creating a Vision Board

Updated on September 29, 2012

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board, or a dream board, is a collage of pictures that mean something to the creator. It is images of the dreams and aspirations that the creator holds dear. Often, these come from deep down in our souls and may require some minor soul searching to really figure out what will trigger our motivation towards those dreams.

How to make a Vision Board

How to make a vision board is the same as making a collage. You can scour through magazines, search the internet, and look up quotes. You want to avoid the traditional images of money, a nice house or expensive car. You really want to look for images that resonate with you on a much more emotional and internal level. Even if those images make no sense to you in the moment, put them aside. Now take a break, give your mind time to relax and reflect. When you come back, cut those images out and paste them on various colored poster board.

Another way to make a vision board is instead of pasting the pictures onto a poster board, you tack them on a cork board. This allows for more flexibility and the ability to add or remove pictures and quotes when you want. You can also tack up heavier items like trinkets, medals, key chains, etc. Using a cork board is a way to cut down on the expenses of paper and glue, as well.

Cork Board Vision Board: Artistic Inspiration

By using a cork board for your vision board, you can constantly change your sources of inspiration. For a creative person, this can be a boon to their endeavors. Like an Inspiration Box, this Vision Board can be assembled right when a project starts and comes apart when the project is done or put to the side. Being able to change the items on the cork board at a whim, grants the artist great flexibility to add new items that now inspire them.

Keeping on Track

Whether you are creating a vision board to help motivate you towards your life goals, or to inspire your creative side, it is a powerful tool to help you stay on track. Through the process of creating the board, you focus on your goals and dreams. In the end you find what drives you. Good luck with your creating!


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    • fancifulashley profile image

      fancifulashley 5 years ago

      I think having a free version is great. It really opens up a lot of the possibilities for finding various images and tweaking them.

    • dreamtimeline profile image

      dreamtimeline 5 years ago from UK

      Nice page.

      Would love your feedback on our free online vision board software. We're releasing a major update on November 5th.

      Any feedback as to what you think we can improve we would be grateful for :)

    • fancifulashley profile image

      fancifulashley 5 years ago

      Thank you StarryNightsDiva. I hope you found it useful!

    • StarryNightsDiva profile image

      Alissa 5 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      Great hub!