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What Colors Make #

Updated on June 25, 2013

During the lecture of this webpage you will be able to learn what colors should you mix in order to obtain some other. Some of the colors that i have already explained here how to get them are: brown, red, yellow, biege, turquoise, teal.

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What Colors Make Brown

The colors you should mix to get brown are blue with yellow. Now you have green and mixing it with red you´ll obtain the brown color.

What Colors Make Red

Where you really searching for this? Red is a primary color and so there is no color in the earth that mixed with other one you get the red color.

What Colors Make Blue

Once again, blue is a primary color and so, there´s no way to mix any colors in order to get the blue color.

What Colors Make Yellow

For the yellow color you should mix red with green, as shown in one of pictures above, to get the yellow color.

What Colors Make Teal

The colors you should mix to get the teal color is blue and green. Using white or black to get alighter or darker teal color.

What Colors Make Turquoise

The same way you do for Teal. Blue and Green. Adding black or white depending in what you want.

What Colors Make Beige

I´ve found several different ways of making beige so i decided to give all of them to you.

1) Lots of white and a bit of brown

2) Use red, yellow and a dash of blue and mix those 3 colors to get a basic brown then, mix it with a same portion of white.

What Colors Make Gray

Once again, you can get the gray color through different ways.

1) The most basic, just mix white with black.

2) For a non lifeless gray you can mix red, blue , yellow and white. This will make your gray way much more beautiful.

What Colors Make Black

For the black color, mix in equal amounts the primary colors (red, yellow, blue).


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    • PedroG. profile image

      PedroG. 4 years ago from Oporto

      I've corrected the beige, thanks.

    • profile image

      Claire 4 years ago

      red and green are complementary colors, and therefore make some fugly brown when you mix them together; not yellow. also, equally mixing the primary colors does not make black, it makes brown. third of all, **beige.