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What Drives you Creating Wonderful Artworks?

Updated on January 7, 2013

We usually find fantastic works of art almost everywhere. Some of them are with extraordinary styles with vivid colors and some are with dark tone or shade. Many of the artworks we see display beautiful places, spectacular concepts, and a beautifully created crafts. But what really drives these artists in making their masterpieces?

If you are going to look deeply in their creations, most of the artists designs portray or describes their daily experiences. Just like in painting, you will find a lot of painting showcasing scenery they have personally seen, a painting of lovely women they saw that they can’ t forget.

Another element artists use in creating fantastic creations is their inspirations. Some of them are inspired by their family; others are inspired by their friends. They create wonderful crafts because of their inspiration. If they are inspired they are more likely to create magnificent designs that turns on the attention of every individual who spots their work.

So with all the facts mentioned above, what drives an individual in creating wonderful arts and crafts are their experiences and their inspirations.

How about you, what drives you in creating your works of art?


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    • TesstheScribbler profile image

      Tess Deleon 5 years ago from At Home

      I'm inspired by organic forms but not nature's forms. But forms of drapery and messy hair that have flowing curves that look like they are from nature. Lol, so I always paint dogs or children with messy hair (or people with long hair). I believe strongly that imperfect things are the most beautiful. My style, however, is far from organic. You'd have to check out my hubs to understand. So if you want a new art buddy, feel free to stop by! =D