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What are the Different Kinds of Metal Nameplates You Can Customize?

Updated on October 27, 2013
Metal Nameplates
Metal Nameplates

What Are Metal Nameplates?

Metal nameplates come in many shapes, sizes, uses and styles, and most of these (if not all) can be customized to fit your particular needs. Customization options for nameplates often vary according to where these are to be used. No matter how varied the customization needs of businesses may be when it comes to these metal nameplates, there is still some commonality in how these things are made and what elements are put on these.

These common elements that are found in the various metal nameplates that businesses everywhere use has led to the creation of specific categories that people can choose from when they need to order such plates. After all, it would be a rather difficult thing to simply say that you want to order a nameplate and rattle of numerous elements on these every single time you make an order. It is indeed easier for those who need these plates to mention a specific category, so that the manufacturer already has an idea as to what the customer needs, and to start enumerating the parts that they need or want to customize.

When a person orders any of these metal nameplates, and mentions the category that they want to have made, the manufacturer can present them with templates that they can customize with logos, company names, colors, fonts and many more. With a template to work with, they can also choose which lines to eliminate, what lines to add and how to arrange these easily, and that is by telling the manufacturer where they want certain elements to go, which to remove, and other instructions.

Different Kinds of Metal Nameplates
Different Kinds of Metal Nameplates
Schematic Plate
Schematic Plate

Different Metal Nameplates That Can Be Customized

To help make ordering and customization easier for businesses and individuals who need to use these nameplates, general categories are made for these. Here are some of the more commonly utilized ones:

Warning and Instructional Plates – as the name implies, these are used to warn people of dangers involved with certain equipment and machinery. These can also be used to instruct them on the proper use of such items to help prevent injuries, and even possible fatalities. These plates, when someone orders them, can come with a header that helps define the level of danger involved with such an item. Headers like Danger, Warning, Caution and Notice can be added to these if needed. You can also opt to not have a header for these if you feel that your warning and instructional nameplate does not need one.

Model and Serial Plates – these are used to show people what a product’s model, make and serial number is. This kind of a plate can be found on numerous items like cars, huge kitchen appliances, motorized garden equipment, small kitchen appliances and power tools, to name but a few. These model and serial plates often carry empty spaces on them for the stamping of unique codes for their serial numbers. These are used to help identify every single product manufactured and, as such, these alphanumeric codes are used to help associate each item with its purchaser, designate a warranty period and to help with troubleshooting and repairs.

Schematic Plates – these plates are used to show people how a specific piece of machinery or group of equipment are wired together and how these can be properly operated. These plates usually carry diagrams that show circuitry, technical information and how things are connected with the use of symbols and abbreviations. These plates can carry the definitions of these symbols and abbreviations however, most of these are made to be read by individuals who already know what these plates say.

Inventory and Asset Tags – these are used for tracking and inventory purposes, and are attached to the items that need to be accounted for. Not all companies use inventory and asset tags that are made out of metal. Some businesses opt for tags that are made with aluminum foil, polyester or vinyl. These tags may or may not carry machine readable codes, like barcodes or UID codes, although some companies do request that these tags have such codes on them for faster and more effective record keeping.

These are but a few of the metal nameplates people ask to have customized. There are still quite a few more that can be added to this list, like barcode and UID plates, scales and dials, promotional plates and even commemorative plaques. With the help of these categories, you can easily choose what you need without having to continuously explain to the manufacturer what it is exactly you need to have made and what customization options you want to use for these.


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