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Where Can You Get Premium WordPress Themes

Updated on June 4, 2011

Would you like to get Premium WordPress Theme?

Blogs are quite popular websites that everyone can create fairly easy. But often, if you think about making money from your blog, you want to make it as professional as possible. In order to do so, beside getting your own server and domain name, it's mandatory to get yourself premium WordPress theme.

WordPress is a CMS, and with proper template, it can be used as personal blog, company website, online store or anything you want. In order to make something more than just yet another blog, you need a premium theme.

Such theme got very professional design, and additional features that makes your blogging more easy. How to get such Premium Theme? There are few ways to do so, all of them I will describe below.

Design for Yourself

First way to get premium WordPress theme is to design it by yourself. This requires some coding and designing skill as follows:

  • Graphic Design - so you should know your way around Photoshop.
  • Coding - PHP and HTML skills are required.
  • WordPress Skills - You need to know your way around WordPress tags and functions, too.

Learning all the mandatory things might take a lot of time. But if you already know Photoshop and HTML coding, all you have to do is to learn more about WP itself. I can suggest reading WordPress Codex - WP documentation.

Or, you can purchase the books below and learn a bit about coding and designing.

Hire a Freelancer

If you can't design the them for yourself, you can always hire a freelancer. There are many job boards for coders and designer in the web. You can hire a freelancer, and he will design the them for you as you like it. But remember, such freelancer can take from $500 to $2000 per design.

If you're ready to pay, try this job board:

You can post job ad there for free. If you can't afford a freelancer, but you still want professional theme for your WordPress, you can purchase a stock.

Purchase the Theme

The final way to get the professional theme is to purchase it. There's a lot of so called stock marketplaces out there where you can purchase a theme for as little as $15 USD.

The trick with such marketplaces is simple - you won't get a unique theme, as everyone can purchase it. But this way, you make sure you got great professional WordPress theme for little money. Here are the places where you can purchase such premium themes.


First place is ThemeForest. It is very popular marketplace from Envato that offerst cheap WordPress themes (as well as other website templates), designed by professional web designers.

Thesis Theme

If you're tired of coding websites yourself, you can grab Thesis. This template for WordPress is very simple at first, but soon you will understand its true power. Literally ever single part of the website, from look to mechanics, can be changed from admin panel inside WordPress. No need to coding, all you have to do is to click around.


Finally, you can purchase subscription to Elegant Themes, and download unlimited number of premium WordPress themes the author of this website designed for you. Did I mention that you also get technical support?

Get yourself premium WordPress Theme

With professional premium theme, your WordPress website will look much better, and you will get more readers and customers. Not mentioning that we are visual people, and we simple like nice design.


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