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Where to buy 550 paracord?

Updated on March 8, 2013

Where can i find paracord 550?


Where to buy 550 paracord?

In my opinion the best places to find paracord 550 in order of relevance are:

  • Amazon
  • Army bases (shops)
  • Army shops
  • Camping stores
  • Climbing stores

Paracord tips and important facts

When buying paracord the following considerations might be prudent:

  • what type of paracord do i need (the most common paracord type is paracord 550)
  • how to make sure the paracord i am buying is quality made? (see the video below!)
  • how can i get paracord without too much hassle

Where to buy 550 paracord

Paracord 550 can be found in the places listed above. I found that army shops carry some paracord, black and olive color are common. Climbing and camping stores carry a limited supply if any. One of the best sites for me to find paracord therefore became Amazon. Although you have to wait a few days for it to be delivered, the choices in colors and the ease of finding paracord make it my top choice.

See my site on paracord projects to get some great ideas of what to make with your paracord!

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How to check if the paracord you have is real?


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