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Which Photography would Canon G12 Powershot be perfectly used? Micro or Macro Photography?

Updated on May 12, 2017

Micro Photography with Canon G12

Ever since the Canon Powershot G9 is out in the market, we already know that it was associated of underwater housing. We call that as WP-DC21 and it has been helpful in the series of G camera. It has even become a choice for a lot of scuba lovers as they are searching for a way to take photo while they are underwater. And it was finally answered as the Canon Powershot G12 micro photography is introduced. It is also a good thing since this new series becomes more affordable and one can get excellent quality of image even if the picture is taken underwater. This is because the product is created with great ergonomics allowing one for exceptional manual control amount.

Tip of a colored pencil
Tip of a colored pencil

If you are a first time buyer of camera, it will be worth the purchase to consider this new underwater version of Canon. There are even a lot of first time buyers that are now purchasing for this series as they are thinking this to be a good learning platform. Compared to other DSLRs, this one is exceptional and one can even do the shooting with its G11 and close of G12 for years now. There are different tips and tricks that you only have to be familiar so that you get to perform the best of this camera. Aside from that, it will also help you to capture for the ideal photo.

Take note that there is this latest variant of the G series we consider to be G12. This is even arguably a great camera as it allows one to encapsulate for the yardstick against the other compact cameras in premium. It is great to own because of the desirable qualities which are of course worthy to mention. For instance, this version have dial that can be found in the face of camera. This is the nice thing about Canon Powershot G12 photography. You get to enjoy the features such that it comes with better shutter speed, good surface for aperture and then with good exposure and ISO. If you think closely about that, the controls that we find in DSLRs are something which we can find in this version of Canon although we can say that it has a better resolution too. The users could also try for their hand for this videography function even if they are underwater. Isn’t it a lovely function to suit in your style and taste?

Underwater Macro Photography with Canon G12 Powershot

The Canon macro photography on the other viewpoint is an excellent choice of purchase. This is because it allows one to have a better target of macro subjects even if they are underwater. The reason also is that there are apparent specifications in the camera that are worthy to mention too. For instance, the lens is equipped in the sharpest that one can ever put in compact. The mere fact that the lenses are used with the G series, it indicates that it can own still for its competition and then it has optical quality too. Another great factor is its focusing distance. This is even the closets distance for focusing that one can possibly have in close as 1cm. Meaning to say, your camera can be 1cm away from the subject and you can still get the WIDEST setting there are. It comes as very handy with features for your arsenal too.

This is what you will like about Canon G12 Powershot photography since it gives you the chance to concentrate with the subject in realistic distance. You can get yourself ready to shoot the moment you had its housing. Take some pictures after doing that and then you can assume and begin all you need in the camera.

Micro Photography with Canon G12 Photography

If you wanted a camera that offers you with desire for the beautiful shots leaving you with choices such as ambient light or built-in flash kind of photography, then you have it with Canon G12 macro lens. This is what you can turn one with ambient light micro which sets for the ISO into 400. During the dive, the Mirco Photography capability allows you to take great shots while you are underwater. Now here are some tips for you. During your dive, you have to realize that the water that envelopes the camera is already a great light absorber. This is the reason why it allows depth of 15 meters. Things may also tend to get darker in a fast way. There is a technique for that, the moment that you have already descended half from the maximum depth, you can be able to pick for the spot on the wall or reef allowing the camera to be in zoom.

To achieve that, you can first take a sample shot in half its power strobe. You can adjust the power if you find it necessary and then reach for the maximum depth at the same time. After doing this, you basically have the proper exposure. There is tendency that the light conditions will be changing so you can of course take few more shots so you see if this challenge fits your needs. You will need preparation so that you can achieve this challenge too. As you have observed, this challenge requires you to control the strobe power and we have not given due attention for the shutter and then the camera speed.

After all, our priority here is the underwater photography and that plays a big role. When your picture appears too dark or bright, you will not be able to showcase the aesthetic talent of your camera. As for the Canon G12 Powershot photography with its white balance, there is also a juncture for that. This is the proper time that you can use the shortcut button. This is where you get to set for the custom white in balance so that the light spectrum will be absorbed and will also go right through the water. It is easy to achieve this one since there shortcut button. It is said that the drawback here is the fact that you will still have to be mindful to the depth changes in between of your shots.

Good lens for Canon g12 for Micro Photography

In concern for Mirco photography, we ought to also discuss about the Micro lenses. With Canon's G12, the lens is rather fixed and then it is made of 10 mega pixel. This camera which is even an oxymoron alert is the pride of Canon because it boasts for its 720p of stereo sound and then there is also the HD video. Aside from that, there is optical image and with the lens of 28-140mm f/2.8-f/4.5. It allows raw recording, stabilization, electronic spirit level, with vari angle for its LCD screen, the quality is made robust because it is crafted out of plastic and metal both. As for its ISO, it is 80-3,200 with standard range of sensitivity, and then there is also optical viewfinder. Aside from that, there are different external control as well and a lot of items that are really worth mentioning.

In price Check, the Canon G12 with Micro Lens is sexy, modern, nostalgic and also versatile. All of these definitions are combined together in one camera. People like this as their best choice in Canon. The features above will explain to you the reasons for course. If you are searching for a compact camera, this is worth checking out. Currently, this one ranges for the prize of $419-499.00.

Accessories for Macro and Micro Photography for Canon G12 Powershot

It is worth to mention that the Canon G12 Photography is indeed a flagship from Canon camera. This digital camera is fixed-lens and a great model with sensor resolution almost the same in its predecessor. What you will enjoy about this product however is the fact that this is coupled along with the DIGIC 4 that is featured also in G10 and in G11. Now, given the new brand, there is a better HS system or the one that stands for High Sensitivity.

You will like its optical zoom lens which is even applicable while you are underwater with the LCD display. The tilt is about 2.8 inch and there is also the dot resolution of 461,000. Do you want to know more about the features of this Canon camera? There is the control dial you can see in the body of the camera that mirrors the last EOS-series in their DSLRs. They are supporting for lens filter and with the filter adapter at the same time. Now, on top of that, they also have this ISO top panel that comes to be in finer grained. This one function is even smart as it can help the user select for the proper scene with 28 types on the subject matter. The SD cards of this camera are also WiFi capable which is really cool. It simply indicate that this powershot G12 is worth having.


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