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Why Caligraphy is Still a Thriving Art Form

Updated on August 12, 2012

For truly passionate calligraphers, the art of penmanship will always be alive as long as there is at least one artist willing to carry on the age-old tradition. Despite computers that can produce a plethora of different fonts, real calligraphy writing comes from the artist who strives to bring out the true emotion of the writing through the words they draw. Calligraphy has survived throughout history despite printing presses, engravings, and various other technological advancements.

As the distance between traditional and modern art forms continually grows, this distance is actually what sustains the older art forms. People that are passionate about older art forms like calligraphy realize that technology is not a threat at all, but merely a reminder of how truly special calligraphy is, and how it becomes more and more special as time goes on.

Below are some of the writing instruments and traditional leather journals that I like to use for my calligraphy artwork.


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    • Bredavies profile image

      Bredavies 5 years ago

      It's a good thing it is, but I'm surprised. With all the technology I feel like people barely use pens anymore. They even stopped teaching cursive in school! Thanks.