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Why Commission a Custom Work of Art?

Updated on October 14, 2014
Red Sun (Oil on Canvas)
Red Sun (Oil on Canvas) | Source

What Is It About Art?

Art is beautiful. It makes us think, it inspires us, it even forces us to feel. Choosing a work of art to have in your home is an intimate and personal experience for many people, so why not take it a step further? Commission a custom work of art from a working artist. Doing so makes that canvas above your mantel extraordinarily special, the story behind it uniquely yours to tell, and valuable to your family beyond any dollar amount.

When guests are in your home, and they notice a new piece they don't recognize, more times than not they'll ask about it. They'll wonder about what inspired you to have it made, and should you decide to tell them you're instantly a grand storyteller; the center of everyone's immediate attention. They'll leave knowing a little more about you and your motivations, and will no doubt be a little envious.

Increasing Value

Like any good collection, having multiple fine art commissions can be prosperous for your family. Because there is only one in existence, its monetary value will grow over time. You could even unintentionally strike gold if you sponsor a talent that later becomes famous for their work.

For those that simply love art, there's the fact that every commissioned piece is continued support for an artist that might have otherwise not been able to pay their bills. The life of an unknown is hard in the art world, and you can look at your new art with a feeling of pride knowing you helped in some small way.

Zen Pond (Oil on Canvas)
Zen Pond (Oil on Canvas) | Source

A One-Of-A-Kind Gift

If you already have enough art to adorn your walls and spaces, there still might be someone in your life that could do with a little enrichment for their home. A commissioned portrait is a great gift for a promotion or other life achievement, or you could give them a nice landscape for a birthday. Whichever, a unique work of art is always a more personal present than a new dress or cuff links.

Art is beautiful, inspirational, and it is intimate. If you have been persuaded at all of a commissioned piece's value not only to your home, but to your everyday life as well, go out and find an artist you like. Get a consultation. Then prepare to have your life changed for the better.


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