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Why every artist should own prismacolor colored pencils

Updated on February 4, 2016

First what are these

Prismacolor colored pencils are made from a wax base with a high level of pigment. These pencils do break easy because of the high wax content in them but this also makes them glide smoothly onto the paper. The high pigment levels make these pencils very vibrant and strongly colored making these pencils a favorite among all kinds of different artists. These pencils can also work well with different mediums and a variety of different surfaces.


One reason I love this brand of colored pencils is because of the reliability. They have amazing customer service and amazing products. Colored pencils are not the only medium provided by the company as prismacolors carries a variety of items such as pencils, charcoal, watercolor pencils, and several others. These pencils have consistent colors and the high pigmentation adds interest to your art and if you have a problem with them they are very easy to work with.


These pencils are all very vibrant and the high pigmentation creates beautiful colors. The wax type base makes these resistant to water and also allows you to layer on top of other mediums. One thing you should avoid while using these pencils though is drawing directly over graphite as they will cause it to smear and discolor your work.


Prismacolor colored pencils come in a HUGE variety, you can also get two different kinds of their high end pencils called, prismacolor premier, and prismacolor verithin pencils. One of these pencils is soft core and the other is hardcore. I prefer the soft core one as I mostly draw manga but the verithin are good for other artforms. There is 150 colors available in the soft core colored pencils and the verithin has a much smaller variety with 36 but as they are primarily meant for sketching explains why.


These colors because of their wax base makes them blend beautifully making them superior for realism and anime. They also go over other mediums beautifully as I had mentioned above which makes them beautiful to use with acrylics and oil paints. These blend great with a blending stump or even just by layering. This company also offers blending pencils which add wax to your art and causes the colors to blend together beautifully and work great as well with realism and anime.

Every artist should have a set of these

The reasons listed above are why every artist should own a set of these pencils. The best set to get is the 72 set as it comes with all the colors you will need to get started. If you are a magna artist then you should get the magna set which comes with 23 pencils though the 72 set would work great for you as well. If you buy these pencils then I would suggest getting the prismacolor sharpener as well because it's easier on the softer and more sensitive leds.


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    • TheNaturalRoze profile image

      TheNaturalRoze 23 months ago

      Me too love seeing people who are passionate about art

    • Dbro profile image

      Dbro 23 months ago from Texas, USA

      Thanks for the tip, TheNaturalRoze! I will get one!

      Good luck on your artistic endeavors! I love meeting other artists, if only in the "digital world."

    • TheNaturalRoze profile image

      TheNaturalRoze 23 months ago

      I love these pencils and I use them as well and I do different mediums like oils and acrylics. They have a prismacolor sharpener and I would highly suggest it as I have never broke one of my soft leds inside of mine.

    • Dbro profile image

      Dbro 23 months ago from Texas, USA

      Great hub! I LOVE Prismacolor colored pencils myself. I host coloring parties for adults, and they are the best colored pencils to use at such events. Everyone is pleased with the vibrancy of the pencils and there is such a wide variety of colors. I had not realized there was a special sharpener for these pencils - I will have to get one. Due to the fact that these pencils are a bit on the pricey side, a person doesn't want a pencil sharpener to "eat" all the great color!

      I also use the colored pencils in my own work. I am primarily a watercolor artist, but I use colored pencils frequently to do quick color studies to help me plan my paintings. Other times I use these great colored pencils to create my finished piece. Either way, they are wonderful tools! Thanks for highlighting this great product.