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Windsor & Newton ProMarker - Another Option in the Art Marker Line-up

Updated on May 21, 2016

An Excellent Marker for the Designer or Illustrator

ProMaster markers by Windsor & Newton are another option for the artist/illustrator/designer. They are an alcohol based sheer fine art marker that can be deepened by simply adding more layers. As with most markers, whether Sharpie, Prismacolor, Blick, or the ProMaster Designer markers, these markers offer versitality of use and high quality.

I was given one marker to try by Windsor & Newton, and, combined it with different brands of markers to see what colors I could come up with. It works like most markers with a medium value achieved with the initial layer application. This mid range value can be built up to create a richer color. This color can be overlaid with another color to create a third color where the two colors meet. What I really liked about the marker I tried in the cool aqua color is the clarity of color. Some markers tend to be slightly muddy. Clarity of color is what I am after and I have found this brand delivers the most flexibility. It does not go down too dark or overly saturated and at the same time this marker never went down too light either. Rich tones can be developed just by layering colors. Most people would think being not as richly saturated would be a drawback. It's not. When you begin with delicate layers, much can be added to that. This is where the flexibility comes in.

Marker Qualities

Although the color I was given was Cool Aqua, it was not a watered down version of blue. It was a true light aqua which covered my drawing paper easily and quickly. Because these markers are alcohol based as soon as the alcohol evaporates the color is dry. It does not streak and you can build up the intensity of color with subsequent layers.

I also added Marsh Green and Apricot to my collection. The Marsh Green is the light warm green that is on the stems of the blue poppy flower illustration and the Apricot is the warm peachy tone on the poppies.

Colors, Colors and More Colors!

Windsor & Newton ProMarkers come in one hundred forty-eight beautiful shades. Some that I will be adding to my collection include Pink Carnation, Marsh Green, (I just recently added this color - a gorgeous delicate green), and Olive Green. I am always looking for different shades of green because the bulk of my work involves nature studies. The Pink Carnation was not available at my local craft store, so I bought Apricot instead. I was very pleased with both colors, especially the Marsh Green.

Windsor & Newton's color collection contains a sophisticated selection of reds including blue reds, red reds and purple reds. There is one color called Aubergine that I want, a deep eggplant purple. I'm seeing an eggplant illustration in my future. Included in the color selection are neutral colors from coolest grey to black. You can never have enough neutrals in your arsenal.

initial stages of blue poppy drawing
initial stages of blue poppy drawing | Source

Good Points - Bad Points

Good Points

  • Great color selection including brights, neutrals and pastels and a wide range of grays
  • Excellent streak free color laydown
  • No special paper needed although as with most alcohol based markers you may want to place a barrier beneath your drawing to avoid bleed through
  • Although both are alcohol based the ProMarker does not have a strong a smell as the Prismacolor markers
  • Blender included in the 12 marker sets

Bad Points

  • Not many - except for those who lose marker caps: when you uncap the pointed end of the marker and go to place it over the other capped end it does not stay on

Sets Available

The Windsor & Newton ProMarkers is available to buy as open stock (individually) and marker sets. ProMarker Set 1 is a basic set of the following colors.

  • Canary - true medium warm yellow
  • Bright Orange - deep strong orange
  • Rose Pink - slightly warm toned pink light medium tone
  • Amethyst - a light purple
  • Sky Blue - as it says just like the sky
  • Indigo Blue - true indigo blue
  • Lime Green - lots of yellow in this bright green, great for adding bright accents to your drawings
  • Forest Green - true mid-tone green
  • Henna - deep terra cotta color
  • Cool Grey 4
  • Black
  • Blender

ProMarker 6 Vibrant Tone Set includes the brightest colors of the ProMaker Range

I would buy this set alone just to draw my tropical themed pictures. Colors include:

  • Yellow
  • Mandarin
  • Poppy
  • Bright Green
  • Cyan
  • Cerise

ProMarker Set 2

This is a set with a wide variety of mid tone colors which can be intensified by simply adding layers or blended out into a sheer wash of color. Colors of this set include:

  • Buttercup - a gentle light yellow
  • Lemon
  • Gold - a surprise in markers and always nice to see
  • Lipstick Red
  • Red
  • Fuchsia Pink
  • Arctic Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Meadow Green - a gorgeous light soft green that would be perfect for adding the subtle accents of ornamental grasses
  • Apple
  • Turquoise
  • Cocoa
  • Blender


These are excellent markers with streak free lay down of color and the ability to build up intensity of color through subsequent layers. These could be used in mixed media projects and work perfectly well with a variety of color pencil brands.

Anybody who loves playing with color will thoroughly enjoy these markers. Happy creating to you!

Fine Art Markers

Winsor & Newton ProMarker 6 Pastel Tones Set
Winsor & Newton ProMarker 6 Pastel Tones Set

Windsor & Newton ProMarkers in pastel tones are a nice addition to vibrant tones.



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