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Arts and Design: Do it Yourself - Woodcarving Creativity

Updated on January 9, 2016

Strong, Simple Lines and Textures


Learning from Others by Observation

My father was born in 1924 in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota to a carpenter and his wife. He grew up on a farm on the edge of Island Lake outside of Moose Lake, Minnesota. His mother was a stay at home mom and his father had a construction company and built houses in the Carlton area.

I didn't meet my father until he was well into his thirties. I was the youngest of five children, nine years younger than my siblings, who were all fairly close in age. He and my mother had five children and he supported us by doing maintenance work in the Carpentry Departments of some various colleges. Mom was trained in bookkeeping and was an avid reader.

I Watched My Father Create

My father did a lot of creative hobbies in his relaxation time. I remember him to be a master mechanic, fixing mechanical issues in vehicles. He was a avid water skier, buying boats and taking me and my brother watersking every weekend. He was a wood carver and did many projects. He also remodeled all the houses that he purchased and made them his own.

Yes. The man was quite creative and very busy. Never too busy to stop and throw a ball with me or help me to create projects of my own.



Substituting a Magazine

Now, since my father has passed, I have to now rely on others for my inspiration. The Woodcarving publication is an interesting read and gives somewhat detailed instructions on how to accomplish minor and major projects.

I love the wood spirits and look forward to someday carving one. My current project is just a simple beaver. Carved from a chunk of firewood. We burn wood so I have an endless supply of dried wood to use for carving.

You Choose to See What You See

Some people look at a tree and see a tree. Some people look at a tree and see its possibilities.

I look at tree branches and dream of a day that I can cut gnarled branches into a flat shape and create a one of a kind clock. I look at a hollow log and see the potential for a wood stool. I look at a piece of firewood and decide to use it for my latest carving project.

I See Potential


Thin Blades


Wider Blades


Mid Size Blades


Carving a Face

How About You

Do you wood carve?

See results

I See Potential


Some May See Trees



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    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      In the hands of a master it looks like a great hobby with beautiful results but like the bard, Clint Eastwood said, a man's got to know his limitations. So I will gaze upon this one from afar.


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