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Working At Home By Making Crafts To Sell

Updated on July 19, 2011

If you are like many of us you are trying to find a way to work at home while still making money. However, you have probably discovered that finding a work at home job that does that can be hard to do, but it is possible. One of the work at home jobs that I have found to be quite rewarding is making crafts to sell either on the internet or at various local craft shows.

Now you might be saying well I am not that crafty so how can I possibly find a work at home job making crafts that is going to pay me any form of money. Well that is actually very easy to find because so many different forms of craft work is available.  I know that for me I enjoy sewing so it made sense for me to make sewen items and sell them which I do and make a nice little income from on a basis that allows me to do work when I want to and not have to worry about slaving away and making it more of a chore than enjoyable.

Some other forms of work at home craft work that you could do would be to take and make models of famous places out of clay. You might be amazed to find that many people actually like having a clay model of someplace that is famous that they enjoy seeing as long as the detailing is done properly.

A second work at home craft job would be to teach yourself or put to use your skills of working with wood. Now wood working can be a little bit time consuming, but it is very rewarding well and from what I have seen and heard from talking to fellow work at home crafters that the wood working items tend to sell very well and depending on how talented you they can fetch you quite a bit of money even up into the thousands of dollars.

A third type of work at home craft job that many people have tried there hands at is painting. Now I know that for some of the paintings you will have to be skilled at painting, but it is a great chance to earn quite a bit of money from what many people love to be able to do. I will warn you though that if your paintings do not sell immediately do not get discouraged as it does take a certain person looking for that exact painting to purchase it.

While many people might think that they will never make a dime on the crafts that they make I have discovered that this is far from the truth. In fact if you work hard at working at home by making crafts to sell you can easily replace your jobs income to the point that you can become self employed and not have to worry about the cost of gasoline anymore unless it is while you are driving to your next vacation destination.

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    • BetsyIckes profile image

      BetsyIckes 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I've often thought about doing this! Thanks for sharing.