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Workshop Safety Items

Updated on May 12, 2009

With a shop many people will consider the tools that they need to put in the shop, but some people do not consider some of the safety items that they need to put into your shop as well. I know that some of the safety items are easy to overlook or might not even be considered necessary by some people. Here are some safety items that should be in every shop that you have.

The first safety item that you will want to have in your work shop is a mask of some time. I know that if you are working with wood or metal you might not even consider using a mask, but if you have allergies then you know how important a mask is. If you think that because you are only using wood that produces little shavings remember if that wood has any type of growth on it that you do not see you can breathe in some of the particles that come off of the wood in the shavings.

The second safety item that is needed in shops is safety glasses. Some people that wear glasses might think that since they already wear glasses that they will not need safety glasses, but remember that the dust and chips will be flying in the air and can get around the sides of your glasses where you will not have protection unless you have the wrap around glasses that protect the sides of your eyes. Not only that most of your normal glasses are not shatter proof in case a piece of wood comes shooting off of the machine that you are using and flying towards your face and eyes.

The third safety item that you will want to have in your shop is a first aid kit. A first aid kit is something that you will want in your shop so that you can have Band-Aids and other first aid supplies close to your hand in case you have an accident while working in your shop.

While many people will be working in their shops they might not consider that they are going to need some safety items. I know that some of the basic safety items that you are going to want in your shop is a mask, and safety glasses. Then if you do have any accidents you are going to want to have a first aid kit nearby so that you can easily reach it.

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    • men are dorks profile image

      men are dorks 8 years ago from Namibia

      No Issabel, money first then think of safety. haha