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Easy Christmas Wrapping

Updated on December 7, 2016

Pretty Packages

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Easy Christmas Wrapping

Do you look at your Christmas purchases and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of wrapping them all? I have been there. Over the years, I have discovered some quick and easy shortcuts to wrapping Christmas presents that may help you also! Let's get started. First we will discuss the creative use of gift bags. Yes, you can grab any bag and stick a gift inside and stuff tissue in the top with a minimum amount of effort. Our goal is to put some personal touches on an easy wrap method! I often find my gift bags at the Dollar Store. Tuesday Morning also carries a nice selection of gift bags, but the costs are a little more per bag. In addition, your local stores carry various colors of tissue paper, which I recommend. Buy an assortment of colors to match and coordinate with your bags. It makes wrapping more fun!

Putting the package together.

Make sure that your bag will amply hold your purchase. Is it big enough? I like to disguise my purchases so that there is no opportunity for the gift recipient to guess what they are receiving before the big day! Sometimes it requires extra tissue paper to fill the spaces in the bag.

I begin with a piece of tissue on the bottom of the bag. Crumble it up loosely and set it in the bottom. Next, place your item in the bag. You have the option of just setting it in the bag or pre-wrapping it in a piece of tissue paper. I use both methods.

Place additional tissue paper loosely on top of your purchase, letting some of it sit on top of the bag. Don't be afraid to use some color with your bag.

Tying your own Bow onto your Bag

Special touches on your Christmas packages

You will notice in the above examples that the handles of the bag are often tied together. I do this for two reasons. One simple reason for the tie is that it takes longer to unwrap. Just pulling the gift out of the bag would be too simple and quick. I prefer to extend the Christmas present experience as long as I can. The second reason for the bag straps being tied is to ensure that curious eyes cannot see what is inside before the appointed time of the present unveiing!

I use Christmas tags on my gift bags that are purchased in bulk. The stores carry some nice labels and tags. New gift bags usually have a matching tag hanging on the handle. Those are perfect to designate your gift recipient and sign with a message.

When I can, I reuse my gift bags. I tear off the old tags and stick a new one on the side of the package. It works well as long as your package is not damaged.

Another personal touch that can be used, especially when reusing a bag, is to use your own ribbon or yarn at the top, instead of the handles. The old handles can be cut off with scizzors and new ribbon or yarn can be laced in the eyelets at the top of the bags. If your gift is not too large in your bag, the ribbon can be pulled to completely close your bag.

Using a sticker to decorate your Christmas package

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A quick last touch

Sometimes a package needs another special touch. You found a special gift and you want the package to be extra special! Try a sticker on the front of the package to individualize your gift. Many stores like Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry a huge assortment of stickers with various themes. You might even find a scrapbook decoration that would be perfect for that special gift.

Extra touches on your packages

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Using a cord for ribbon.Curled ribbon.
Using a cord for ribbon.
Using a cord for ribbon.
Curled ribbon.
Curled ribbon.

Finishing touches for your packages

When I was in college, I had a job wrapping gifts in an upscale department store. One of the important tips to wrapping a package well is to square your corners. Take two fingers and run them around the edges of your package to make the sides look finished. It only takes a second and will make your gift look finished.

Ribbon can often be difficult to handle. So often, a purchased bow is stuck on the top of a package because it is quick and easy. Using ribbon to actually wrap around a box is more time consuming and takes a learned coordination. To effectively wrap a box with ribbon, turn your package upside down and place your ribbon under the package. Drape a long strand for added effect and flexibiity. Flip it over and cross your ribbon once, then taking it to the top of your package where you can tie your bow. Have extra ribbon after you tie the bow? Tie it again and let those curly pieces decorate your package. Your ends aren't curly? Take a pair of open scizzors and run one blade down the inside of your ribbon strand to make it curly.

Be creative with your ribbons. Yarn is fun to use. Colorful cords are also great for wrapping, example below!

Easy Box Wraps

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Wrapping with Boxes Can Be Simple Too!

Colorful tissue paper and decorated boxes are easy purchases for quick wraps. I tape the corners of my boxes on the inside. They keep their shapes better.

Use colorful tissue paper. We don't live in a black and white world. Complement your purchase with a wrap that does not clash in color! Boxes that come with decorated lids do not have to be wrapped with paper! I simply tie the box with colorful ribbon and label it for an easy wrap. Don't forget to be creative!

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One Last Comment

Remember that wrapping for Christmas does not have to be overwhelming. Enjoy your creative moments. Let your wrapping be an outlet for your personal creativity. Others will enjoy your efforts and special personal creativity. Have a very Merry Christmas wrapping time!


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