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Yarn – 7 Fun & Creative Ideas Using Yarn

Updated on December 5, 2017
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Kenna wrote several modules on crafting with yarn. Though she is not an expert, she has studied with talented knitters, crafts teacher.

Knitting Is An Ancient Craft

Since ancient times, we have been creative with yarn. Pottery from 5,000 B.C. in museums shows women yarning from a spindle. Today, there are so many fun and creative ways to use yarn. Most of the uses are easy and hardly take any time at all.

If you have any yarn laying around, you might be compelled to pick it up and start creating after you see these clever and cute ways to use yarn.


Cute Bird

This bird is so cute. If you have several leftover yarn bundles, then this is the project for you. The idea comes from Craft Bits.

To make the cute bird, you will need 3-4 different colors of yarn, scissors, cardstock paper, craft glue, copper wire, black beads, needle, and dark thread. Just follow their instructions, and you have an adorable gift or ornament.


Pom-Pom Bunnies

Pom-pom bunnies are one of those traditional yarn crafts that go way back to great-great-grandmothers’ time. They are so cuddly and a great way to practice your pom-pom making skills. Ikat Bag offers a simple tutorial on how to make these using the thickest yarn you can find. It’s best to use natural bunny colors unless you want to add magic to your creation with pinks and blues.

The bunnies will seem so real to some kids, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after them or feeding them.


Baby Elephant

Taking the time to knit this cute little elephant for a little girl or boy is worth the time because they are easy to make. Craftsy offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

The pattern of knitting around turns out a baby elephant with chubby cheeks and belly all in one piece.

Would You Ever Venture into Working with Yarn?

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Julie says it is a quick and easy pattern to follow. She will send you the pattern by email. All you have to use is leftover yarn unless you want to find a special color at the yarn store.

We Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream cones are such a creative idea. I can see kids playing with them and tossing them across the room. I Like Lemons offers a free pattern for each one of the yummy crafts, and they are zero in calories.



I am a sucker for hedgehogs. They are so adorable and real looking. Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits shares her pattern with Etsy.

Julie says it is a quick and easy pattern to follow. She will send you the pattern by email. All you have to use is leftover yarn unless you want to find a special color at the yarn store. The hedgehog can be a toy or something more practical like a pincushion.

Plant Hangers

I remember making these when I was a teenager. They were so simple to make but useful because I had so many plants in my room. The plant hangers I created made it so easy for me to get more plants for my room. They hung from my ceiling like stalactites dripping down in multi-colored yarn and holding life to the ever beauty of my sanctuary.

Spend a Quiet Afternoon Making Crafts

These fun and creatives ways to use yarn are simple patterns that take no time at all. Whether you go to the yarn shop or have some lying around the house, you can spend a quiet afternoon making these delights.

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