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...You, Too, Can Use A Pendulum Board...

Updated on October 6, 2012

A Little About My Pendulum Board Obsession

Although I love painting and drawing, there is something else that I have loved for several many years now. The art of divination has lead me on so many creative journeys and given me so many insightful messages that I have become obsessed with creating oracle and pendulum boards.

There is a few reasons behind this obsession but the latest one is the realization that this is the kind of original art that I can actually part with. I am an artist who has issues with selling original paintings and drawings, so this medium mixed with both my art, craft and creativity is absolutely perfect for me to share an original one of a kind creation with another individual who will love it as much as I loved creating it.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing or divining is the act of using a weight object on a length of chain or string to witness the movement of energy in accordance to your intuitive facilities. You do not need to be anyone more than you are right at this moment.

This takes no special skills or abilities, but it does take an open mind and a steady hand. Also, you must acquire a pendulum. There are several wonderful pieces out there, online or in your favorite new age shop.

If you are not ready to commit to purchasing an actual pendulum, you may take a heavy ring or a charm that is bullet or teardrop in shape. Put the item on the end of string or chain about 5 to 6 inches long. Allow about 2 inches of the length to remain between your thumb and forefinger as you hold the pendulum in mid air.

To start out, you will concentrate on holding it still. You can rest your elbow on a table if you feel more comfortable. You will watch the pendulum and see what your "search" position reacts like. You will "ask" the pendulum if it is okay to begin. The pendulum may swing back and forth or remain dead still.

Next, you will ask it a question that you already know the answer to, such as "Is the sky blue?" See which way it swings, and this will most likely remain the responsive direction for "yes". Then ask it a question that you know is false. Note the reaction.

There are many ways to practice this form of divination. I have always had wonderful results, especially with finding lost objects. It is an interesting and amazing tool to increase intuition and help develop faith in ones abilities to trust ones own instincts.

About this board

This is a very large oval board - approximately 10.5 x 14 inches. I hand sanded the roughness off of the routered outer edges before painting a black satin matt acrylic base. It was then resanded and repainted. I used a large piece of scrapbook paper to fit the majority of the surface.

Since the scrapbooking paper has designs on both sides, I used the opposite side to complete the coverage on the face of the board. The papers are securely affixed to the board.

I pencilled on the words and the abstract designs underneath them and then hand inked the red and silver inside of them.

Next I added the 3D witch holding a spider, a black cat and five bats to the design. They are all from the same collection so they complement each other nicely.

After this I hand melted and pressed pentacle stamps in red wax to add to the spaces between words and designs.

Three paper skulls were added to each side of the board as well as several black self adhesive rhinestones to seal the edges of the two different papers.

I titled it "Casting with Familiars" because of the many creatures involved. There is a spider, a cat, the owl and five bats. Of course, the Witch is doing the casting in front of a full moon!

I am ready to release her into the world, to someone who will fully enjoy her :)

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you want!

Have a safe and happy Halloween/Samhain/Fall Season!


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