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Yudu Screen Printing Machine

Updated on November 17, 2010
Yudu Screen Printing Machine
Yudu Screen Printing Machine

Yudu Screen Printing Machine

When I saw the Yudu Screen Printing Machine on television my imagination went wild. When I was little I always thought about putting cool things on T-shirts and being the coolest kid in school. I even remember getting those really bad iron on patches out of my Raisin Bran boxes and trying to get them to stick to my denim jacket.

Later on, I was always the kid in college who wanted to make the cool shirts for my Fraternity parties and put the rarest album covers on a one of a kind T-Shirt that only I would have. But, that stuff was expensive and I really didn't know who to even get started. I went to a few screen printing shops but the projects just seemed to elaborate to do for my own personal desires.

So when Yudo appeared before me, all those memories came rushing back and I really wanted this thing to be a solution for personal screen printing. I read a bunch of yudo reviews and even though some people felt doing the screen printing themselves was a chore, I was raring to go. I figured I would try out participate in the 30 day Yudo trial and if I liked it, I would keep it.

Check out the yudo commercial that got my attention and we'll dig deeper into yudu below.

Yudu Screen Printing Machine Commercial

Yudu Screen Printing Machine

Yudu Screen Printer Review

So you can see how the As Seen On TV commercial can get you excited for Yudu. I'm a t-shirt guy and had no clue that you can somehow transfer images to metal, furniture, cards, gifts and more. I doubt that's something I will be doing a lot of but who knows.

The Yudu screen printer certainly looks professional enough. There's an emulsion sheet, whatever that is, a very cool way to create an image using the yudu transparency, simple ways to expose your image and the ink looks pretty simple.

But, I've never done screen printing before on my own and want to be sure it's something I can do. Ordering the Yudu is not a problem for me because as an As Seen On TV product lover, I have taken full advantage of the return policy and I'm pretty sure that If I can't make Yudu work, that I will get my money back. Well, in the case of Yudu, not be charged the full price. Their trial is 30 days for $33 and I understand why. This is the type of product you buy, run a ton of shirts for a party and then return it. So I'm not angry about not getting a free shot at this thing.

Yudu Screen Print Machine Tutorial

Perhaps the greatest thing about the internet is that fact that people love to video themselves and put it online. So I figured people would film themselves trying to use the Yudo Screen Printer and I was right.  I had to sift through a lot of dopes to find a good tutorial and review and the video to the right is exactly that.  So, I have to thank craftervids for making the video that I'm really not capable of making myself. I don't think I could have made it through a project like this and I wanted to see what real people could do with the Yudu before I ordered.  The first 10 seconds of the video are a bit annoying because they don't have any digital effects but the rest of the video is very informative.  Have a look.

As you can see from the above, the Hudu Screen Printing Machine was pretty easy for the people at craftervidz so there is hope for a guy like me. It does seem that printing a single t-shirt can be a pretty big project but it looks pretty fun. If my shirts come out like theirs does, then owning a Hudu could be a satisfying experience.

yudu Tutorial

I wanted to include one more yudu Tutorial that looked promising and it was a little more entertaining. It's fun to see a bunch of people taking a stab at table top screen printing, especially before you're thinking about dropping some cash on something. Take a look how the Impatient Crafter handles the Yudu. I think you'll be impressed and pretty confident that you too can enjoy this home screen printing machine.

Buy Yudu Screen Printing Machine

Enough is Enough already. You've got the itch, maybe, and are wondering where to buy Yudu. I've heard you can find Yudu in stores but I'm an online guy and do everything that way. If you buy Yudu online you get the 30 days for only $33.00 plus S&H – AND you’ll get $120 worth of free gifts!

The Yudu Screen Printing Machine includes:

  • The screen printing machine (11-1/2 inches x 32 inches x 22 inches)
  • Three blank ink-jet transparencies
  • Two emulsion sheets
  • Emulsion remover (2 oz. bottle)
  • Adult t-shirt platen
  • Platen adhesive sheet
  • Mesh screen
  • Black Yudu ink (2 oz.)
  • Squeegee
  • Instructional DVD
  • Four 15-watt bulbs
  • User manual

Be sure to research Yudu Reviews, Hudu Complaints and Yudu Photos before you buy. It's up to you to make sure that the product is right for you before you buy. I happen to like Yudu but some folks out there have stated they found it too much trouble just for a t-shirt. But, if you use it for parties, family reunions and continuing crafts then you'll see just how cool it can be.


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    • profile image

      muchai 24 months ago

      the price of machine

    • profile image

      Koko Paul 3 years ago

      How do I get the operating manual, mine got lost?

    • profile image

      evelyn 5 years ago

      does the yuda come with a power cord

    • profile image

      Kerry 6 years ago

      Michael's has it on sale for $99. I love it. There is a learning curve. I ruined the two emulsion sheets that came with the machine, but other than that, works great. I called an art store asking about liquid emulsion and was told bleach works. I tried it, and I got my ruined emulsion sheet off. Love it!

    • profile image

      monte 6 years ago

      Do they offer the 30 Day Trial Website? Anymore..

    • profile image

      jackson 6 years ago

      I bought the yudu, it took a month to get to it, the first emulsion sheet was wrinkled it made the screen look bad the second sheet eas the same way. i finally got my image taped down and screen to look decent and the freaking lights don't work on the machine. im so bummed out. Now i read reviews and say man yudu just stuck it to me. don't know if i can return it for a new or refund this is messed up my feelings are hurt know what im saying csnt win for loosing

    • profile image

      Omisslewis 6 years ago

      I hate the YUDO I have purchased 4 emulsion sheets two which have work, each shirt I have printed has been smudged and they think I am going to finish paying on this thing! If they want it back they can have this piece of crap!

    • profile image

      Pugsie 6 years ago

      Can the Yudo make patches? If so how?

    • profile image

      brinna 6 years ago

      I got a YUDU to make shirts for my boys'school. Each ink was a different consistency, some stuck to the screen some bled all over the shirts. The sample screen had the emulsion "glued" to it so you can't remove and reuse it. By the time I could get a color to transfer properly, I had redone the screen 3 times (one screen got ruined by thick ink that stuck in the screen),had to reapply adhiesive backing on platen twice(the stuff they sell has no directions, I put it on backwards and ruined another shirt), and ruined many shirts. I eventually had to order shirts for the school at my expense, a big waste!

    • profile image

      al 6 years ago

      2-2-2011 174.00 dollar on amazon

    • profile image

      Daddy KoolWhip 6 years ago

      how many Tshirts can you print from the initial pack you purchase from YUDU also from one bottle of black ink?

    • profile image

      ladyships 7 years ago

      you can buy liquid emulsion at any decent crafts store [i.e., dick blick, michaels] or photography supply store. just ask a store associate where it is if you can't find it.

    • profile image

      mkb82480 7 years ago

      This is a question for JackieBrown4455...You said to use 'Liquid Emulsion'...Where can Liquid Emulsion be purchased and how does it work?

    • profile image

      baby 7 years ago

      DO your have it.

    • profile image

      Nargette 7 years ago

      Although the Yudo Machine looks great, and throughout all the tutorials and comercials it seems easy, when you get to actually making your own t-shirts it's extremely difficult. I purchased my Yodo for $300 at my local Michaels, and regret the purchase deeply. I am out $300 and I still have not been able to make a single t-shirt.

    • profile image

      JackieBrown4455 7 years ago

      Here are some tricks that helped me:

      1) Use Liquid Emulsion - only $1 per screen vs. $12 per YuDu emulsion sheet (sold in packs of 2)

      2) Let liquid emulsion dry in YuDu rack for 45 mins

      2) Print only black images on transparencies - no grays or shading of any kind.

      3) Using duplicates of my transparencies to burn the image worked to give me crisp hard lines on the screen.

      4) At least three 10 min exposure cycles are needed.

      5) Do not heat set the shirt until its 100% dry (1 hour)

    • profile image

      JackieBrown4455 7 years ago

      Couldn't be used right out the box - emulsion sheets and transparency sheets were shipped rolled up like blueprints. I can't get my printer to accept curly transparency sheets. I bought some at Office Depot.

      The emulsion sheets would not stick to the screen no matter how wet I got them for same reason, kept curling up. I flattened them out by setting heavy dictionaries on top for two days. They finally stuck by applying them to soaking wet screen but image wouldn't burn so I tried again leaving it to dry overnight. I used exposure button for 10 mins but when I went to rinse the screen the entire sheet came off! I tried again with two exposure cycles and same issue.

    • profile image

      JackieBrown4455 7 years ago

      Brother got this as a gift for me - it was $399.00, plus $75 for taxes, shipping and handling!

      HOWEVER, it is currently on sale (Aug. 14, 2010) at Michael's Arts & Crafts store for only $199.

    • profile image

      ChrisCat65 7 years ago

      Am I the only one having a problem getting the ink not to smudge all over the shirt??

    • strutzas profile image

      strutzas 7 years ago from Kualapuu, Hawaii

      Nice, such a cool machine at a good price. thanks for the info Seen.

    • profile image

      javajunkie 7 years ago

      According to the " OFFICAL YUDO SITE, the total price is 375.00 minus the shipping and handling. The break down is $ 33.00 + 24.99 Then six monthly payments of $ 57.00. This is per their site.

    • profile image

      mdubose 7 years ago

      My fan wont work

    • profile image

      sua51 7 years ago

      Is there a reason that they don't post the total cost for this thing anywhere? That is a 'red flag' as far as I'm concerned. There's obviously a reason that they don't want you to know until you sign up for a trial first.

    • profile image

      Chezy 7 years ago

      Has anyone ever tried to return the system after the 30 day trial period? Wondering how that went.

    • profile image

      tre 7 years ago

      How much is it ??

    • profile image

      Eric 7 years ago

      They never tell you how much it cost after the 30 day trial..I was juts curious!