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A Life Too Busy Drawing Demonic Stuff

Updated on April 3, 2014

Drawing Demons And Other Dark Art

Drawing demons and horror stuff has always appealed to my artistic side and is has become a learning journey to draw in an adequate comic book art style. Over the many years I have been around on this planet, I have been drawing for as long as my feeble mind can remember, usually I gravitate to the more darker side of art, such as demons and horror, but at the moment I'm attempting to draw a mammoth collection of my own self contained graphic novel story ideas, these are intended as single stand alone stories that would and could be made into films, if they were to be picked up by producers and even directors(hint, hint).

I imagine this to be my life's work as everyone should have something to aspire to, as I do other things to try and earn money to pay for the necessary software to create this stuff and plus it's what I have always been into, drawing for me is about entertainment for me as well as hopefully anyone who will eventually see my long worked on comic book ideas.

But back to the reason behind this little rant, obsessive drawing disorders are common the world over as well as other disorders, which I won't go into but I will say that drawing for me is one of the absolute best things in the world to do.

You simply have to find what you draw the most and make it into an obsession, go the extra mile and become an expert at what you love to draw, hell even make money out of it, get your name plastered all over the Internet featuring your artwork, I once knew of someone who used to collect bogies in a jar so these kinds of foolish people just carry on with your own world saddo tactics and let us people who want to get somewhere in life just get on with it.

Drawing for me, means doing something that I may have been meant to do or just fell into doing by being bored as a child I don't know, but I often think that without drawing and the creative expression, my life would be utter rubbish by now!

If I don't get to draw something, anything in any given day then I do get cranky, oh yes! I see drawing as a way to gather my thoughts and ideas and collect them altogether into one sketch session to archive away to be used another day.

An Interest In The Horror Genre

Whenever I think back, it's the horror genre that has inspired me to make drawings of monsters and other creatures and Demons always come first to mind when I start to draw, that and Skulls.

Horror movies for me have been the main inspiration, but horror novels and comics lately have blown my mind. It's the horrific nature of drawing horror and drawing demons that inspires me to create the best concepts and drawings I can.

Often what happens when I ever think I'm going to draw something nice and cute it always descends into a horror drawing. Take the drawing below, believe it or not it originally started out as a nice Mermaid drawing, but then quickly decayed into the Demon creature you see here.

A fantasy art drawing of a demonic demon who is made up of dirty filth.

Demonic Art By Wayne Tully

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A Demon art ink drawing by Wayne Tully
A Demon art ink drawing by Wayne Tully
A Demon art ink drawing by Wayne Tully

Draw Demons, Monsters And Dark Stuff!

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    • rabi Khan profile image

      rabi Khan 10 years ago


    • ClicksnAds profile image

      ClicksnAds 10 years ago from Fairmount

      Sounds like ya ortta get your arse over to like the lady said...

    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 10 years ago

      very creative!

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 11 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Hello everyone, the above demon was inspired by a monster I saw in my dreams and I have subsequently used it as a tattoo design before, and I have it stored elsewhere on the internet, on a range of the Cafepress products and merchandise.

      the url for this design at Cafepress is

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 11 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      I have not heard of it, but thanks, I'll check it out, cheers!!

    • Moonmaiden profile image

      Fayme Zelena Harper 11 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

      Welcome to Hubpages Wayne. Have you thought about selling your art on