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Artist Andy Warhol Pop Art Prints

Updated on March 4, 2016

Pop Artist Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 6, 1928 to Ondrej and Julia Warhola, emigrants from Slovakia. As a child, Warhol developed chorea, a complication of scarlet fever that causes skin pigmentation patchiness. His childhood was rough, having been abandoned by his mother and becoming an outcast at school. He found solace in movie stars and radio. He is well know for his Pop Art and Prints.

He was born Andrew Warhola, but is called Andy Warhol.He suffered from learning disability in his youth.He was bothered by this for the rest of his life. Andy did well in his studies and eventually traversed from an artist, to an author and also as a filmmaker.

Andy's career began as a commercial artist working in New York, which later developed his skill as an artist. The exhibitions he showed gained huge draw by art lovers. He planned to introduced a culture of pop painting. Andy set up the 'Factory' where he built a group of artists and illustrators who could do work for him to bring about more of his paintings. The Factory got popular and was patronized by many persons of distinction. Andy also made screen prints of paintings.

Warhol Interesting techniques of Andy Warhol

One of his most celebrated paintings is Marilyn Diptych. Choosing one of the most famous movie stars of all, Marilyn Monroe, and immortalising her after her death with a brave painting, Andy Warhol wound up creating one of the most identifiable works of art that ever survived. He took a promotion still of one of Marilyn Monroe's films, then he positioned the image in chronological sequence all over a canvas, some in color and others in black in white. As a final result, he ended up creating a work that speaks to all of us about the presence of such a notoreous actress.

In addition, Andy Warhol would take daily things from the American life and turn them into art. One thing as simple as a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup. He painted a large-scale painting of this item which brought focus onto the beauty of components of every person's everyday life.

Andy Warhol Talent

Warhol eventually showcased his work in several galleries in the early 1960s, becoming widely known for his pop art based on icons like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Elvis Presley, while also showcasing a variety of household objects such as his famous Campbell's Tomato Soup Cans, Brillo Boxes, and coke bottles. As his art began to grow in popularity, he began experimenting with silk-screening, films, and sculpture at "The Factory" (Warhol's studio on 47th Street in New York City).

Warhol was also known for coining the phrase "15 minutes of fame" stating that everyone gets their 15 minutes at some point in their life.

Life is Lived Andy Warhol "15 minutes of fame"

Later after passing away in the 1980s due to complications from procedure gall bladder surgery, most of his estate was auctioned off by Sotheby's, all the same his art goes forward to live on and invigorate others.

Andy Warhol was known for the creation of a new school of thought in painting. Before Andy Warhol, painting was believed to be the something related to the characterization of the elite group and the aristocrats. Warhol negated these feelings in his paintings. He said that paintings can draw their inspiration from the most common place things in life. The painter should just have the right mind to be able to portray it.

Warhol drew his attention from varying things. Warhol used a 'soup can' image as his inspiration and made many paintings that revolved around the young people. Warhol shoe painting is yet another master-piece by the artist. In this painting he amalgamated bright colored shoes against the backdrop of a dark shade. This painting became quite popular and led Warhol into the Television and media. Warhol was also hugely inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe. Her transition from being a common lady to being the most celebrated artist of her era was fascinating to Andy. Andy painted many paintings of Marilyn Monroe. The interesting part is that all these paintings that he made of Marilyn Monroe are an adaptation of a single picture of hers.

Throughout his life, Andy Warhol tried to see inspiration and motivation in things that make life of the common. Whereas he was a celebrated artist, his works speak purely of all the attraction that he held for the life of the common.

Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania stands testimony of the creative excellence of this famous artist.

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