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Art easel for kids

Updated on September 3, 2014

Art Easel For Kids - Find the best art easels for children!

Art easel for kids - something many children really want when they reach a certain age. Kids love being able to explore their creative sides. They love doing all sorts of coloring, drawing, painting, and even playing with chalk when they can. It isn't always easy to find a nice little spot where they can learn to express their love for art. A kid's art easel is one way to help them do just that - plus it lets you keep their art supplies all together so they don't have to go hunting for their favorite paint or markers - they can spend more time doodling!

There are so many different choices when it comes to an art easel for kids. If you search online you will see that one site has some of the best deals on these art and craft stations. That site would be Amazon. For instance, the picture just to the left there is the Melissa & Doug deluxe standing art easel and you will be amazed how good the price is!

What Can Kids Do On An Art Easel?

More Than You Would Think!

There are so many things that your children can do with an art easel for kids. The main activity used to be just drawing but now the companies and manufacturers have thankfully branched out and expanded the capabilities of these art stands and easels. Over the past few years kids can do more and more with their art easels.

For starters, a favorite activity is often painting. The stands have areas that hold the basic primary colors of paint (red, yellow, and blue) and a few paint brushes to help your kid get started with their first paintings. The top of the easels have a spot to hold a roll of paper that seems to give your children an endless supply of paper to paint on.

You will quickly see that your kids can draw as well. This is usually on a white board with erasable markers. Just let them go wild with coloring or doodling and then when they want to start over you can use the brush to erase the drawing - giving a fresh clean slate.

Chalk is another fun thing that is easy to do on kids art easels. They will find playing with the chalk just as fun as drawing or painting.

Whatever activity it is that your kids like to do - chances are you can find an art easel for kids that will help them express their creativity!

The Top 15 Kids' Art Easels - #6-10

Child Using An Art Table Easel For Kids

While this is more of an art desk than an art easel for kids, there is no real downside to it. The one in this video is the KidKraft Art Table With Stool. It really is well designed. This art easel/table has everything your child might need to get started with their art. It has built in holders for the paint cups, rounded dips along the edge to hold crayons - and stop rolling ones from falling onto the floor. It also has little screwed-in balls that look like they are there to hold down the paper tight so they can draw or paint easily!

Alex Toys - My Wall Easel
Alex Toys - My Wall Easel

Table Top Easels vs Upright Art Easels

There are two main types of art easel for kids. While both types are awesome in the right circumstances, they each have pros and cons so it is important to decide which style of art easel your children might like.

First of all, there are the table top art easels. These are designed as actual tables with drawers and places to store the supplies and accessories within the table itself. The child will sit down at a chair or stool (usually included) and can draw right on the flat surface. These kinds of easels usually have pegs of some sort that can hold a piece of paper still and tight so that it doesn't move around. They can have built in spots to hold the paint cups and even the markers and/or crayons. One example is the Step2 Flip and Doodle Easel Desk. It has a flip up work surface that gets out of the way when not in use! Little kids will love this style of art easel desk!

Next you have the actual easel style of art easel for kids. These are usually made with two sides, both of which have work surfaces on them. They fold up to save room when not in use. Many of these easel kits have either a white board or a chalk board on one side and a coloring surface on the other side. They usually have either rip away pieces of paper or a paper roll that comes down from the top. A bucket of some sort will help hold the art supplies within reaching distance. Kids tend to love this kind too as they can stand up and paint or draw - this allows more freedom.

The kids in my family do seem to like both so you likely won't go wrong with whichever style of art easel you get for your kids!


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I think I like the Melissa and Doug one the best but let's hear about your favorite kids' art easel!

What is your favorite art easel for kids?

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