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Back to the 1980s

Updated on July 19, 2022

My Little Pony

If you were a child of the 1980s you probably remember the my little pony cartoon, which I believe was started by a toy company. Today this show has been revamped by the makers of the Power Puff Girls, giving this show a crazy new anime look. Products for this show are everywhere including online stores like Etsy, Zazzle and Amazon, and if you'd like to give a nostalgic gift for birthdays, Christmas and even mother's day you can find magic filled items with ponies. These come in the new styles and in the classic 1980s look.

This photo is from Amazon and it is of the Royal Wedding Castle Playset and can be found in My Little Toys.

Princess Pony Party

I threw my niece a princess party for her birthday last year, but I have my little pony gifts, since it is her favorite show.
I threw my niece a princess party for her birthday last year, but I have my little pony gifts, since it is her favorite show. | Source


You might be wondering why first module is a youtube one and the answer is simple and that is because teenagers and grown-ups are actually the biggest audience for this program meant for kids. No I'm not talking about girls, I'm talking about grown men and teenaged boys who watch this show, post things on My little Pony websites and call themselves Bronies.

Does this shock me? No, and the reason is that the Power Puff Girls had a large college student audience when I was a teenager. These teens though were taken completely by surprise.


Is it strange that I secretly fear I will one day fall in love with a bronie who will force me to watch marathons of the new my little pony episodes. I do like the show, but men watching it just sort of freaks me out, maybe because I only watch it with my nieces. I did really like the Weird Al episode, but he's Weird Al, if you don't think like him, you have no sense of humor.

I like that they have a Doctor Whooves, but he doesn't have an English accent and they've never really featured him. There are some really funny videos on YouTube dedicated to this underused pony.

With more and more big name actors and singers doing episodes of this supposed to be children's television series, couldn't they get a former Doctor Who to play Doctor Whooves? Is that isn't against their contract with the BBC and science fiction channel.

By the way John De Lancie the famed actor who played Q on the series Star Trek the next generation also quest stars. From what I hear they were looking for an actor who sounded like John De Lancie, he does has a wonderful voice. He heard about them trying to find someone like him and he would love to the show. He's been in more than episode.


I took this photo and then digitally edited it to look dark where is was once light.
I took this photo and then digitally edited it to look dark where is was once light. | Source

I Play The Game

Even as an adult I occasionally play the My Little Pony game from the amazon app store. Truthfully originally downloaded the app merely to help my sister who downloaded the game for her girls, but even after she deleted it, I kept playing.

There several paid apps in the amazon online app store, but the real game is the free one, please remember that the app allows for real life purchases of digital and non digital items, so be careful. Amazon and Apple had to refund thousands of dollars of charges made by the children of the account holders. Amazon has made steps towards stopping such purchases, but if your child knows your account information they canstill get around this.

I hope this was helpful to anyone with children. I know my sister had to change her codes to get into her IPad, because her six and eight year old daughters figured out her codes.

Pony Poll

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Watch For Yourself

If you would like to see more of this show you have several options, if you have cable or DISH you can record or DVR the. You can watch it for free with your paid subscription on Netflix, or rent episodes on


Are You A Brony

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