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Beaded Snowflake Bracelet

Updated on May 2, 2013

Elegant Snowflake Beadweaving Pattern

This snowflake pattern is easy to make and works up quickly. You can weave the beads by hand or using a beading loom. Make a bracelet, as shown, or extend the sides for a choker. I've included a grid marked every ten beads to help you keep your place in the pattern.

Materials List

Beads and a Loom

I used a loom to make this bracelet, but you can use square stitch, if you prefer. All you need are two colors of beads and some thread. The pattern shows up best if you use highly contrasting colors of beads.

  • loom or square stitch

  • width = 11 beads (12 warps)

  • length = 99 beads

  • 2 colors of beads (blue and silver look nice)

  • finished dimensions ~6-1/4" x 1/2" (16 cm x 15 mm) using Delicas [adding a clasp adds more length].

Delicas and a Loom

You can use any types of seed beads for the bracelet, but you'll get a highly uniform pattern if you use Japanese Delica beads. Here are a pair of colors that work together very well. As far as looms go, you don't need anything big or fancy. A simple tabletop loom works great.

The Snowflake Pattern

Okay, there's no step-by-step for this, since what you'll do depends on whether you choose to use a loom or square stitch! If you use a loom, pay attention to the center snowflake. Notice how it extended out one more bead width. If you're not up for that, feel free to omit the row. Have fun!

How To Use a Loom to Weave Beads

Loom weaving works up quickly for a small pattern like a bracelet. If you're new to this type of beading, here's how to do it.

Questions or comments about this snowflake pattern or lens? Here's the place for them! Also, feel free to let me know if there are any other patterns you'd like to see. Thanks!

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