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How to Make a Beaded Ring

Updated on September 12, 2010

Express Yourself - Make a Beaded Ring!

Beaded rings are artsy and individualistic. They express your style in a personal way that you won't get from a more conventional ring. Plus, beaded rings are fun to make. The ring in this photo is made from faceted glas beads, but you could just as easily use your favorite gemstones to create a treasure that is valuable as well as beautiful. I like how beaded rings work up quickly (make one in about half an hour) and how you can make them in colors you wouldn't normally be able to find in a ring.

Beaded Ring Overview

This is an easy yet lovely beaded ring. The pattern accommodates just about any size of beads. The ring is slightly more challenging than the Hugs & Kisses ring, but also more adaptable. The technique is useful to learn for encircling large beads for other types of jewelry, too.

Beaded Ring Materials

1 or more focal beads

The diagram is for three beads on the top of the ring, but you could easily use only one or two beads or continue the pattern for the entire ring. It's your choice! The ring in the photo was made using two 6-mm Czech firepolish beads and one 8-mm Czech firepolish bead. Round or oval shapes work best. Use smooth beads or those with flat sides or facets.

Seed Beads

I used size 11 Matsuno seed beads. Size 14/15 are also very nice, as are Delicas. You could surround a single large focal bead with larger seed beads, such as size 10s or even 8s.

Beading Thread

I used 10-lb Power Pro. Nymo works well too, as does most nylon fishing line.

Beading Needles (Optional)

I used size 10 beading needles, but you may prefer working without needles, especially if you use monofilament nylon line.


Measuring Tape or Ring Mandrel

I just made the ring to fit my finger, so I didn't actually measure it. You will want a measuring tape if you are making the ring for someone else.

Beaded Ring Step 1:

Cut about a meter of your preferred stringing material. It will be more than you will need, but it's nice to have extra length in case you choose to reinforce your stitching. First, make the top of the ring. After this is completed, the back of the ring is stitched and connected to the starting section. String an odd number of beads sufficient to encircle your first focal bead. (Keep in mind: In a later step, you will be adding one more bead to complete the circle.) If you use too few beads, the seed beads will pull underneath the ring when you wear it. If you use more beads than necessary, then there will be some open space between the seed beads and the focal bead in the finished ring (could be a design element, perhaps). Seven beads are shown in the diagram. That's probably a reasonable number of size 11 beads to encircle a 4-mm bead. I needed thirteen Matsuno size 11 to go around a 6-mm Czech firepolish bead. This will result in one seed bead at each end, with 6 beads on either side of the focal bead. Once you have the proper number of seed beads, allow all of the beads to slide to the center of your thread.

Beaded Ring Step 2:

String both ends of the thread through the same side of your first focal bead. Now, pass one thread through half of your seed beads (not the middle seed bead), going in the same direction as the original thread. Pass the other thread through the other half of the seed beads (not the middle seed bead). Adjust the tension so that the focal bead sits snugly in the seed bead loop that you have just created. Cross the thread through a new seed bead (i.e., pass each thread through a seed bead from opposite side). Whenever you cross the thread in a bead, avoid splitting the thread (only a potential problem with a braided or multifiber thread, not monofilament).

Beaded Ring Step 3:

String a sufficient number of beads on each string to encircle your second focal bead. If your focal beads are all the same size, then make the number correspond to what you used for the first focal bead. I used eight Matsunos on each side for an 8-mm Czech firepolish bead. As you did with the first focal bead, run the ends of both strands through the same side of the focal bead and pass them through all of the seed beads around this focal bead, except for the 'odd' seed bead shared by the circles around both focal beads.

Learn to Make More Beaded Rings

Beautiful Beaded Rings: Over 30 Unique & Stylish Designs
Beautiful Beaded Rings: Over 30 Unique & Stylish Designs

Features 20 beautiful beaded ring projects, complete with simple step-by-step instruction, clear beading diagrams and suggestions for creative variations. Projects are listed according to skill-level. So beginners and more advanced beaders can pick and choose accordingly with confidence. This includes a wide variety of ring designs from four leading beaders - from the elegant simplicity of the lotus ring to the sophistication of the baroque.

Beadwork Creates Beaded Rings
Beadwork Creates Beaded Rings

Beaders learn how to create bold and original finger jewelry quickly and easily with this guide to beadwork. Spectacular beading projects created by prominent designers are provided along with beautiful photography and clear step-by-step instructions. The gorgeous variety of stylish rings include flashy rhinestone coils and modest pattered tubes, flowers for the hand, crystal domes that catch the light, leopard skin and sea urchin rings, and a ring for one's chakra. Patterns for knitted, strung, and wireworked rings for special occasions and everyday wear are included. The techniques used to create these fun and easy rings range from simple netting to peyote stitch.

More Glamorous Beaded Jewelry: Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings (Creative Home Arts Library)
More Glamorous Beaded Jewelry: Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings (Creative Home Arts Library)

This jewel of a book follows in the fashionable footsteps of M.T. Ryan’s best-selling first work, Glamorous Beaded Jewelry, but introduces a totally new and irresistible collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and pins. Featuring over 25 stunning pieces and stylistic variations, More Glamorous Beaded Jewelry will inspire loyal readers and beaders alike, and encourage even the most reluctant beginner, to make these fashion-forward pieces with entrancing good looks by following the step-by-step directions and full-color photographs that fill the pages of the book. The work includes an enlarged and authoritative tutorial on the basics of jewelry-making, an updated and expanded list of “Sources and Resources,” and a comprehensive Index.

Glamorous Beaded Jewelry: Bracelets,  Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings
Glamorous Beaded Jewelry: Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings

With Glamorous Beaded Jewelry, beaders can create 25 fun and sophisticated pieces from chandelier earrings, to chunky bracelets, to knotted-and-bejeweled chokers. The stunning projects are inspired by the designer jewelry seen in upscale boutiques and the runways of today’s fashion houses. Featured pieces are deceptively simple and inexpensive to make, with clear step-by-step instructions and photographs that give beginners new skills and intermediate beaders new approaches to their craft. A helpful Sources & Resources section ensures that the featured materials are close at hand so that the adage, “Make it today. Wear it tonight!” comes true.


Beaded Ring Step 4:

Cross the threads through a new seed bead. String seed beads on each side, to match your first focal bead (assuming the first and third are the same size).

Beaded Ring Step 5:

You're probably seeing a pattern by now... enter the third focal bead with both threads entering from the same side. Pass back through all but the cross-over seed bead. Cross through a new seed bead. Add a seed bead to each thread and cross through a new bead. Add a bead to each side and cross through a new bead. Continue until the desired length is reached.

Beaded Ring Step 6:

To end the ring, make the 'odd' bead from the first step your crossover bead. Be careful not to twist the ring band. If you feel adventuous, perhaps you could embellish the circles around the ring using peyote stitch, using the existing beads as the first/second rows. Alternatively, it's possible to work netting patterns around the simple design shown here.

Beaded Ring Step 7:

Tie a knot, string through a portion of the pattern, tie a knot, cut your thread. I like to reinforce the beadwork all the way through the ring. If you do this, be forewarned that it will tighten the ring slightly and reduce its size. I don't glue my final knot using Power Pro, but I probably would with nymo or with nylon fishing line. Here's a diagram of the entire pattern, laid out end-to-end. As always, your actual bead count will depend on the size of beads you are using, thread tension, and the size of your finger (or perhaps toe). Enjoy!

Fiskars 12-94967097 Beading Snip
Fiskars 12-94967097 Beading Snip

Office Scissors, 8in, 3-1/2in Cut, L/R Hand, Gray / Versatile, lightweight scissors are great for a variety of uses. Stainless steel blades are corrosion-resistant and precision- for a sharp, long-lasting edge. Plastic handles provide a firm, comfortable grip. Made in USA. Scissor Type: Office; Material(s): Stainless Steel; Handle Type: Straight; Handle Color: Gray.

Beadaholique English Beading Needles Assortment
Beadaholique English Beading Needles Assortment

Stiff English Beading NeedlesI mean the needles are stiff, not the English! These needles are like sewing needles, but much thinner, in order to fit through the holes in tiny beads. This is an assortment of 4 needles, in 3 of the most popular sizes, 2 x size 10, 1 x size 12 & 1 x size 13. Now you will have a needle for almost every beading situation, and you can try out each size to see which works best for you! Quantity: Each lot = 1 package of 4 needles. Made in England of stainless steel.

Wholesale lot 500 Bicone 4mm Swarovski #5328 Crystal Beads 25colors
Wholesale lot 500 Bicone 4mm Swarovski #5328 Crystal Beads 25colors

-Austrian Swarovski Crystal Beads.

5301 BICONE 4mm Crystal Beads.

-What you will receive:

+ Quantity: 500 beads total. 25 colors (20 beads of each color).

+ Size: 4mm.

+ Colors: Amethyst, Lt Amethyst, Crystal, Burgundy, Blue Zircon, Lt Sapphire, Sapphire, Violet, Indicolite, Fire Opal, Lt Rose, Rose, Lt Smoke Topaz, Black Diamond, Purple Velvet (NEW COLOR), SILK (NEW COLOR), Lt Peach, Lt Siam, Siam, Emerald, Peridot, Chrysolite, Indicolite, Hyacinth, Tanzanite. (Please see the picture to know how the colors look like, size is indicated above. For beginners please note that size 4mm is quite small. NOTE: The colors you will receive are listed in the description. It may be changed to similar color if it's out of stock)

+ Shape: Bicone.

+ Please check our Littlecucoo Storefront for sterling silver findings: earing parts, seamed / spacer beads, toggles, clasps, crimp beads ... seed beads.

Gemstone Bead Mix 8mm Rondelle Beads 15 Inch Strand
Gemstone Bead Mix 8mm Rondelle Beads 15 Inch Strand

Gemstone Bead Mix Strand Rondelle Beads 8mm x 5mm 15 Inch StrandA great way to get a varied selection of beads without having to purchase large quantities of each. Every strand has a different assortment. Semi-precious gemstone beads on each strand may include: Rose quartz, tiger eye, desert jasper, light amethyst, black jasper, fancy jasper in greens and reds, dyed purple agate, honey jade, carnelian, clear quartz, brown jasper, cherry "quartz" (glass), blue lace agate, dyed blue agate, rhodonite. Measurements: each bead is 8mm wide, 5-6mm thick. Holes are less than 1mm in diameter. Quantity: One 15 inch strand, approximately 72 beads.


Beaded Ring Video

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      Wonderful job on the lens.

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      Thank you for a very informative web site. I never heard of it or saw it until today, but I know I will be back many times for information on beading.


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