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Best Art Mediums For Creating Comic Books

Updated on March 19, 2012

The Best Artistic Medium For Creating Comic Books

When creating comics in this day and age the mediums that stand out for me are the Digital way of doing things which is always a non stop learning process and one that requires time to learn and energy as well. Digital art can be created if you have a Scanner and can scan the art into your computer or you can create it from scratch on your screen and then you will need a good Art Software like Photoshop or even the Free computer software like Gimp is always good to learn and use in your art.

There are however specialist Software that is actually geared towards Comic book art and the creation of it. Such computer programs require lots of Memory on your computer or laptop however and industry professionals insist on you owning an Apple Mac for all sorts of design purposes as they are aimed more for the media and creative uses. There are great Manga art softwares that you can buy, although like the best softwares out there such as the Premium versions are quite expensive, so it may be a good idea to invest in the cheaper version to see what you can do with it and then buy the more expensive software when you have saved up enough money for it.

Traditional Comic Book Creation VS Digital Comic Book Making

The traditional way of making your own comic books requires you to wear many hats in the creative process such as writing, drawing, inking, coloring if you decide to color yourself and even lettering and editing. Not to mention coming up with the stories and being a sort of movie director to help the comic flow.

With the digital way you will have the option of applying many different colors, fonts and other effects to your comic pages all in one art program and the placement of these will be far quicker than doing it the traditional pencil drawing way. I say quicker that is until you've learned and practiced the ways of using your manga art software or whatever program you are using especially if you aren't familiar with the functions and how each function affects the other.

Traditional pencil and inking drawing methods should always be practiced anyway as you can layout your art this way and then scan it into your computer and then edit using your art program and add lots of special digital effects or even digital coloring which looks very professional, there fore a Graphics tablet would also be needed as a mouse or touch pad just doesn't work well for drawing really, as a pressure sentive pen and tablet can be just like normal pencil drawing in that you can shade and draw and sketch onto your screen and create layers for the final pencil art and then the inking and also the colors.

So to conclude. Digital is the best medium for creating comic books as this type of technology is so good today and the prices are coming down for Artists to really create top notch artwork to sell and add to their Art portfolios.

Digital Comic Book Creation

Best medium for creating and making comic books. Art by Wayne Tully.
Best medium for creating and making comic books. Art by Wayne Tully.

Best Comic Creation Mediums

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