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26 Remarkable Chalkboard Craft Ideas

Updated on December 13, 2016
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

Whether you call it a chalkboard or a blackboard, I've found some great crafts to share with you. These crafts use blackboard paint in the form of spray paint or brush on paint,

Although blackboard or chalkboard crafts aren't a real new craft, it still is difficult to find projects that are different. While searching for blackboard crafts, that also had instructions for making them, I found that there are some exceptional products to achieve the results that we expect when using them to make a blackboard or chalkboard craft.

This article shows you pictures and gives you the site address that will take you directly to the craft. I hope you find a chalkboard craft or two that you'll want to make.

For directions on making chalkboard candle pails as shown above, go to craft warehouse.

1. Globe Re-do

You can bet I'll be watching for an old globe when I go to the next garage sales. This really great idea for using an old globe, and the tutorial, are found at

2. Chalkboard Drawer

This is just one of the projects shown on this site. Just click on the arrow to take you to a couple more choices. You'll find this information on the Country Living site.

3. Treat Bags

You'll think of lots of uses for this nice treat bag. All you need to do is change the decoration. Find the directions at mom it forward.

4. Gift Tags

These are gift tags with a clothespin on the backside, but I think they'd be useful magnets to hold school art or papers also. The instructions are found at Glued to My Crafts.

5. Chalkboard Paint Masking Technique

6. Wall Calendar

This is a decorative piece as well as a useful one. Although four shades of grey and black were used in this example, it would also look nice if only two or three were used. Go to MARTHA STEWART for all the instructions.

7. Silver Tray Blackboard

Buy your silver trays inexpensively at the Dollar store. These would make such nice gifts. The directions are found at blackflipflops designs.

8. Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar

Here is a chalkboard calendar that is also magnetic. Great idea! Find all the instructions on the The Country Chic Cottage site.

9. Blackboard Desk Top

What kid wouldn't love to have a desk like this? Find out how to make it by going to Kammys Korner.

9. Chalkboard Pumpkins

This is an elegant looking Halloween decoration. Go to bliss bloom blog for the instructions.

10. Ruffled Valentines

I love the looks of these little hearts. They could be made into magnets or tree ornaments. They're too cute to use for only one holiday. Find the directions at Out of The Crayon Box.

11. Chalkboard Globe

A great place to jot down notes. A terrific use for a worn or garage sale bought globe. Go to HOOT designs for the directions.

12. Clothespin Tags

Here is another project that I believe you can find many uses for. They would be even more attractive if the clothespins were painted a color. Go to for instructions.

13. Chalkboard Clocks

Give your clock a modern look by painting it with blackboard paint. See this project at paper, plate, and plane.

14. Chalkboard Chargers

This is one of the best ideas I've seen. Imagine how you can use these chargers for every holiday or party. You'll find the directions at tatertots & jello.

15. Chalkboard Mug

A great gift idea to make for friends or family members who drink tea or coffee at work. You can find the interesting instructions at PB&J stories.

16. Beadboard Menu Board

I really like the idea of a menu board to help remember to take meat out of the freezer in time. Of course many cooks are better prepared than I am and the menu board would just be nice for the family members to know what's for lunch. Go to Adventures of a diy Mom for the tutorial.

17. How To Make Kitchen Art with Chalkboard Paint

18. Halloween Treat Buckets

If you like to give treats to friends or office mates at Halloween, here is a really nice looking treat holder idea. For the tutorial to make these Halloween treat buckets, go to UNCOMMON designs.

19. How To Mix Chalkboard Paint - in any color

Learn how to make colored chalkboard paint by checking the tutorial at A BEAUTIFUL MESS BLOG.

20. Chalkboard Mini Tags

Use these mini tags for all the times you need a temporary tag. Make them very easily by getting the mini tags and the instructions from dollar store crafts.

21. Polka Dot Flower Pots

Easy to make, but they look like a lot of time has been spent on them. Go to Plaid to find out how to do this craft.

22. Picture Calendar Tutorial

This is such a cute idea using photos on one side and the day number on the opposite side. I imagine this could be made into an Advent calendar by putting Christmas images on one side. For the tutorial, go to dream BIG.

23. Personalized Wine Glasses

How many times haven't you wished that there was a neat way to personalize drink glasses for a party? You'll find the tutorial for this project, using chalkboard paint to help personalize wine glasses, at ALWAYS ORDER DESSERT.

24. Chalkboard Coasters

You'll want to remember to glue a piece of felt under the coaster to protect your table top. Also there are smooth tile pieces to use instead of the textured look tiles. You'll find the instructions for this coaster craft at the sweetest occasion.

25. Chalkcloth Gift Tags

Use gift tags made with chalkcloth for all their gifts. Find the instructions for making these gift tags at Momtastic.

26. Chalkboard Tutu

On the GREENBEANS’S CRAFTEROLE site you'll find the instructions for making this fancy chalkboard, and also other examples of the tutu.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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    • Satha profile image

      Satha 5 years ago

      I first heard of chalkboard paint on the A Beautiful Mess blog. This is a great overview of all you could do with it!

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      What great crafts! I have some chalkboard paint. Now I know what to make with it!

    • profile image

      What_to_Know 5 years ago

      I was wondering what to label my flower pots with great idea

    • johnshade lm profile image

      johnshade lm 5 years ago

      Very useful lens. Thanks!