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How to Make Bracelets with Bracelet Making Kits

Updated on October 22, 2015

How to Make Bracelets with Bracelet Making Kit

Making bracelets with bracelet making kits is easier than it first looks. Children as young as 3 have created their own bracelets and even adults enjoy making bracelets. The kits have foam patterns that you can use to help you design your bracelet patterns and colors. As long as you keep the tension even you get a lovely bracelet. Kids love it and rarely get bored and will create bracelet after bracelet to share with their friends.

Lens Photo Courtesy of Amazon

A Bracelet Making Kit on Amazon

Who Loves Bracelet Making?

My niece loves begin creative an loves to make anything and everything she is coming up to eleven and would enjoy making bracelets especially since her older brothers girlfriend has them and naturally she copies! Having a kit makes it easy. I have tried to make them myself the traditional way laces were made in the medieval period and that is quite tough so a kit like this is really lovely.

Children as young as three have made bracelets using these kits but they are also popular with older children of 7 through to 14, especially girls. Though I believe that boys do have wrist bands these days.

Bracelet Making Encourages Creativity in Kids

No matter how young you are making something yourself is very rewarding. Kids love to create it comes natural to them. These kits encourage that. They don't have to stick to the colors on the foam circles or squares they can change them making lots of different combinations of bracelets. They also make great gifts their friends will love.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

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Quality Kits Make better Bracelets

Getting a quality kit is important any you get better results from foam looms as opposed to the cardboard ones which bend and don't give such good tension.

Making Bracelets Helps Prevent Boredom

Boredom, especially in the summer holidays can be an issue, you'd think they had nothing to do! My sister takes her kids out in the summer holidays but sometimes she just can't. That's where bracelet making can come in. These kits allow endless hours of creative fun for kids and helps prevent them getting bored. Friends can come around and join in and it is also a great way for parents to spend some time with their kids.

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