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Brother Project Runway: Great, Afforable Sewing Machines

Updated on September 29, 2013

If you're looking for an affordable, reliable computerized sewing machine, look no further than the Project Runway CE8080 by Brother. This is a great machine if you're looking to upgrade or want an affordable full-featuring sewing machine for your first model.

Why are Project Runway Limited-Edition Sewing Machines Different?

Brother has an exclusive licensing deal the the Project Runway TV show. These machines are pretty accessible in terms of price and have a host of professional features that are ideal for making designer clothes and even quilts. This part of the Brother sewing machine lineup also includes sergers and computerized sewing machines with advanced quilting and embroidery features.

Let's take a look at the features of the PRWCE8080 from Brother.

Before I get going, I just want to say that I don't watch Project Runway, but this machine has inspired me to think beyond quilting and design and make some really great clothing. Here are a few of the features.

- One-step buttonholes in eight styles, including rounded and keyholes like on jeans.

- Twin-needle capabilities with a separate snap-on spool holder.

- Top-loading bobbin with a quick-start configuration, (Just start sewing. No need to bring the thread up first.)

- Seven point feed dog improves sewing on thin fabrics and thick multi-layer projects.

- Lower feed dogs with one button for free-motion quilting, embroidery and darning (One of my favorite features!)

- 80 unique stitches with computerized controls to change length and width. Includes decorative stitches, buttonholes, quilting and applique stitches as well as zigzags and overlocks.

- One machine performs 120 stitch functions, including blind hems.

- Automatic needle threader to save your eyes (But it gets bent easily and needs to be tweaked often)

- Cool-tone LED work area. Provides a decent amount of light, but it not super-bright as advertised and has a different feel than warm-tone incandescents.

- Push-button reverse takes one stitch at a time. Can also be operated in conjunction with the foot pedal.

- Maximum sewing speed 850 stitches per minute (This is about 200 stitches faster than my Kenmore, I believe)

- Integrated razor thread cutter to clip your tails

- Choose between up or down as your default needle position

- Total weight 10 pounds. This is significantly lighter than my small Kenmore manual, which is cast metal.

- Comes with 7 presser feet, others are sold separated. Included items are standard presser foot, buttonhole, zipper, monogram, overcasting (zigzag), button fitting and blind hem foot.

- Each machine is protected by a 25-year limited warranty.

Remember those old sewing machine consoles that were a major piece of furniture and had the machine mounted so the feed dogs were flush with the top of the surface? Well, they still make those, and they are still super large and super expensive. If you don't have room for a gigantic sewing table or don't have room in your budget, check into an extension table.

This model has three collapsible legs with adjustable feet and snaps on in a second. Measurement markings are conveniently located along the front end of the table, but I don't use it much. The legs are a little wobbly , but then again, so is my ancient work table!

Here's what I do like: the expanded, elevated work area that is great for maneuvering large items and quilts while bringing them closer to eye level.

Try a sewing machine extension table, you might love it!

Brother SA537 Extension Table
Brother SA537 Extension Table

This handy removable extension table is a great way to expand your work area without stretching your budget.

Brother SA129 Quilting Foot
Brother SA129 Quilting Foot

Take advantage of this model's droppable feed dogs with this special free-motion quilting foot despigned especially for Brother's low-shank machines.

Brother SA132 Quilting Guide
Brother SA132 Quilting Guide

Simplify straight-line quilting with this smart quilting guide. This metal bar slips into the back of the presser foot holder. It's definitely a tight fit the first time it goes in.


In this video, I'll take about the basic features, parts and configuration of my Brother sewing machine as compared to my Kenmore Mini-Ultra. Remember, this model also has can automatic needle threader, a automatic bobbin clutch, a droppable feed dog and a few other things that I don't mention in this video. You'll also get to see the basic layout of this machine.

Learn about the basic parts of my Brother Project Runway sewing machine.

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