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Building Pop Up Cards

Updated on September 21, 2014

Building Pop Up Cards to Make and Buy

This page features a selection of building pop up cards, including houses, castles, famous landmark buildings, and even a fishing hut. Here you will find fun greeting cards for you to make yourself or to buy.

Don't be afraid to try making one yourself. It's a lot easier than it looks and you will end up with a super special greeting card which comes with extra love because it has been handmade. Most of the cards on this page which you can make yourself come with printable templates. After printing you will need to cut where shown and then fold and stick on any extra pieces.

These pop up cards are suitable for birthdays, new home, or thank yous. The church cards may be suitable for weddings, baptisms or Christmas. And what could be more romantic than an Eiffel Tower Valentine's Day card?

Printable Building Pop Up Cards to Make Yourself

Little brick house
Little brick house

Home Sweet Home Kits to Buy

Little brick house

This printable house kit comes with all you need to make the card with a pop up house and fence in the center and decoupage elements for the outside of the card to give it a bit of a 3D effect. You can also print a matching envelope. There is also a large variety of different sentiments you can choose from. If you like, you can also add some of your own embellishments. Perfect for someone moving to a new home.

Buy little brick house kit

Fishing shack
Fishing shack

Fishing shack

This quick to make card would be great for the man who likes fishing. It folds flat for posting but when opened, the cute fishing shack with a white picket fence pops up.

The kit includes the card front, the card middle section which will pop out, and a matching envelope.

Buy fishing shack card kit

Free Printable Pop Up Building Cards Templates

Lots of origamic architecture cards including staircases, tower of Babel, Empire States building, houses, village and tower.

Black and white castle

Black and white city

Three dimensional barn

At the top of this page, there are two pop up houses: a 3D cottage and a 3D gingerbread house. Very cute.

Monastry in Yugoslavia - origamic architecture style.

Yet another castle

House in simple origamic architecture style.

Origamic Architecture Buildings Video Tutorials

These cards are made using the origamic architecture technique which involves careful cutting and folding, with usually no other features printed on the card. So the color of the card you use to print the template on will be the color of the final greeting card. Of course you can always another color by attaching a different colored cardstock to the outside of the greeting card.

Free patterns for printing your own copies are found below the videos. Print out the templates on 200 - 270 gsm cardstock. After printing the template, you will need to cut along the cutting lines with a craft knife or with scissors is you have a very steady hand. Fold according to the directions.

Building Pop Up Cards to Buy

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