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Celebrity Star Card Studio

Updated on May 17, 2017

Welcome To The Club

Celebrity Star Card Studio is a private hobby of mine  that began many years ago.  It was my responsibility at the time to design tabletop cards, promotional flyers, newspaper ads, and more for celebrities scheduled to appear in the cabaret. 

Milton Berle, Little Anthony, Marilyn McCoo  & Billy Davis Jr., The Hager Twins, Dottie West, Frank Gorshin, Jim Baily, J.P. Morgan, Count Basie, and many a well known entertainer wined and dined in the five star restaurant. Back in the day, the Tangier was one of the finest stop points between New York and Chicago. 

Over the years my career path took me in many directions, but my little hobby stayed with me. Sometimes what is shown on TV is not necessarily what I see. The way I see the world makes my art special and unique to me.   My art varies from style to style depending on the subject, and what I have to work with. 

Being old schooled, my work involves many things from photo illustrations, digital watercolors, graphic icons, ink, pencil, etc.  I work with my hands and the computer. All my art is based on what I see, and designed from scratch  to print by me.  This site will be updated infrequently with different artworks relating to the star of the day.  This web site, as with all my art and life, is a work in progress. 

Hillary Clinton: The Campaign Trail

Hillary Clinton:  The Campaign Trail
Hillary Clinton: The Campaign Trail

Celebrity Art on eBay

These are my current art on eBay. My ACEO drawings are the size of a regulation playing card (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches). Artwoork this size is referred to as ACEO (Art Card Editions Originals), ATC (Artist Trading Cards), or SFA (Small Format Art).

Heath Ledger Remembered

My art reflects an image of Heath Ledger's artistry. His roles were well chosen, and each character well played.

To the right is the fourth in a series of seven works of art as inspired by the actor, Heath Ledger. The first five originals now reside with private collectors.


This Celebrity Star Card is a drawing of Britney Spears holding her baby. At the time this photo made headlines, the scandal sheets were not very flattering of the singing sensation. To me, this vulnerable artist appeared as innocent as her child.

This Mother-Child Celebrity Star Card Portrait is the size of a playing card 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches in size. This is a mixed media composition of black marker and twenty colored pencils on 90 pound water color paper.

This portrait now resides with a private collector.

Celebrity ACEO Cards

My latest celebrity themed art card for sale is a miniature Post Card From Elvis composition of marker and colored pencil on 90 lb. watercolor paper. This is original art done in the ATC ACEO standard size of a playing card (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches). This art card was based on my friend's photo he took of Elvis back in the sixties. He was among those visiting a studio lot when this photo was taken. He got to touch Elvis' shoe, and Elvis got a kick out of it. My friend, my art, and his photo are now with Elvis in heaven.

Round About With Elvis

Someone Touches Elvis' Sole
Someone Touches Elvis' Sole | Source

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