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Cheap Canon Digital Cameras Online: buy the cheapest Canon cameras

Updated on October 26, 2011
by Pedrosimoes7:
by Pedrosimoes7:

Buy Cheap Canon digital cameras online

We are all looking for cheap Canon Digital Cameras to buy (or the cheapest). I like Canon cemeras because they give you the best photo quality because of Canon's unique lenses and shooting techniques. I found that we can buy Canon cameras at very cheap prices from (compared to retail prices).

Here are some of the best and cheapest Canon cameras available, you can choose and compare between them, then decide which one suits your needs and budget. Also, try to check the customers' reviews in the page of each camera to know what people think about this camera and wether they are satisfied or not.

Btw. It is Canon not cannon!.

Canon Powershot SD 980IS (IXUS 200)

This is the improved version of the previous camera (this one is 5x optical zoom). They expanded the LCD to be 3 inches wide and gave it the touch and shaking features . Image stabilization is perfect and just like the SD960, it is considereed a very slim pocket camera that you can use to shoot fantastic photos.

Canon Powershot SD780 IS

I really like the nice design of this camera and specially this color. It can shoot HD videos which is good news, too. A 12.1-megapixel resolution, 3x optical zoom and a 2.5 inch monitor are some of its main features.

This camera will fit into your pocket easily and will make shooting pictures of you and your friends and family more fun and easy.

Canon Powershot SX 200

For the more serious photographer or someone ho wants to learn more about photography, this 12X optical camera offers more manual controls and other features. This is useful for the professionals or those who are learning digital photography. A large LCD monitor and 12.1 MP resolution together with the extra zoom lens allows for sharper and greater photos.

Normal users may not need all the features of this camera, it's good for learners as I said but if you are looking for a simple point-and-shoot camera, you may consider buying one of the other IXUS cameras in this page.

Canon Powershot A480

I think this little one is the simplest point and shoot Canon camera! It is very easy to use, you don't need much photography skills to take great photos like the ones this camera can take!

It is a 10 MP camera with 3.3 optical zoom lens, smaller than most cameras in the same price range and this one can take good close up photos, too, at 1cm distance from the lens. The best for beginners and those who need an easy to use camera that can produce high quality photos, we are talking about Canon digital cameras, the best in terms of image quality!

Available colors: silver, black, navy blue and deep red. Save $110 and buy this camera now for only $99 from

Canon Powershot A1100 IS with a free 4 GB memory card!

With the Canon A1100IS camera you can get high quality images and enjoy the easiness of this camera. With a 12.1 Megapixel resolution and 4x optical zoom this simple point and shoot camera can produce great photos. The camera also has a few more options to give you more control over the images or you can use the "auto" mode for simple shooting.

Other features include red eye correction, image stabilization, viewfinder and more. The camera is relatively larger than other digital cameras but offers great quality for the price. You can also get a free Kingston 4 GB SD memory card if you order it from

Canon Powershot A1200IS

Here are the features of this camera:

Resolution: 10 MP.

Optical zoom: 3x.

Red eye correction: yes

Image stabilization: yes

Face detection: yes.

LCD: 2.5 inches

17 advanced shooting modes if you want to play with your pictures and try new things.

You will also get a free Kingston 4 GB SD memory card if you order it from within a limited time.

Canon Powershot SD 960IS (ultra-slim)

Here's a great camera that will fit in almost any pocket! A new level of high quality photos and high definition movies can be taken with this 12.1MP and 4x zoom camera. Has a 2.8 inches LCD and has some fantastic features and controls such as motion detection, ISO control, face detection, auto and advanced modes and of course red eye correction.

It is a very elegant camera. Pretty and compact, designed for those looking for a pocket camera that can take fantastic high quality images and 720 HD movies. The amazing photo quality and and extra optical zoom is sure worth the price. You will save $50 if you buy it from and also get a FREE Kingston 4 GB SD memory card.

Extra zoom and more manual controls

The Canon Powershot SX20 IS and SX1 IS are the highest in their range. Both cameras are great options for serious amateurs or people looking to learn more about photography or looking for more control over the features of his camera. They offer more zoom (20X), manual controls, and HD video. They are similar cameras but here are some of the differences:

Sensor resolution: 12 MP for the SX20 and 10 MP for the SX1, both share the same powerful CMOS sensor.

Continuous shooting: The SX1 can shoot at 4fps versus 0.7fps which is obviously slow, unfortunately.

Video: 1080 pixels (full HD) for the SX1 vs 720 line HD video.

RAW: Only the SX1 can shoot RAW.


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