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Color By Numbers Printables For Kids

Updated on September 28, 2014

Color By Numbers Printables For Kids

Do you remember doing color by numbers printables for kids? I definitely do! I remember the excitement of coloring each section to see how it would turn out. Letting kids do color by numbers is not only fun, it's educational. Coloring helps to develop hand-eye coordination and strengthens the hand muscles. And coloring and painting by numbers helps to increase number recognition.

I've created this lens with lots of fun resources, tips on how to get the most out of your artwork and even videos! I hope you enjoy this lens!

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One of my favorite printable websites is:

Paper Stained Glass: Color-by-Number Art for Your Windows (Klutz S.)

Klutz Paper Stained Glass Book Kit
Klutz Paper Stained Glass Book Kit

Traditional color-by-number is a bore once you see the light shine through these 20 different projects. Use the included double-nibbed markers to create your art directly on the see-through vellum pages using our suggested color pairings, or create your own. Make a window hanging, a Japanese banner or a mobile – a shining example of Klutz at it’s finest.


Color it by Numbers

Tips For Color by Numbers Printables For Kids!

Color by numbers printables for kids - take it step-by-step

When you get ready to start your color by numbers artwork, you could just dive right in, but there are some tips that will help you get the most out of your project.

1) Choose a picture that you really love. It seems obvious, but just by putting a little extra effort into deciding what appeals to you, your experience will be enhance that much more.

2) Lay down newspaper or other large paper to minimize spills and messes.

3) Get a disposable cup (not used for drinking). These will be filled with water for cleaning off brushes in between paint colors

4) Decide which color to start with. It will be easier if you choose all reds, for instance, before switching to a different color. Ideally, you should let your paint dry before moving on to the next color, so that no mixing occurs.

5) Display your art! You can choose a nice frame for your project and also a great place to show it off!

MindWare Color Counts Landscapes

Color Counts: Landscapes
Color Counts: Landscapes

Detailed illustrations make Color Counts a series like no other. Half of the designs are color-by-number, while the other half are unnumbered for sheer creative coloring license.


Painting the Great Masters by Number: Create Your Own Masterpiece with this Easy Paint-by-Number

Painting the Great Masters by Number: Create Your Own Masterpiece with this Easy Paint-by-Number Program
Painting the Great Masters by Number: Create Your Own Masterpiece with this Easy Paint-by-Number Program

This unique paint-by-number guide teaches you how to recreate beautiful masterpieces by artists from Botticelli to Whistler. This innovative course guides you from a template to the finished piece, providing techniques and tips along the way. Perfect for both beginners and experienced painters.


Color By Numbers Printables For Kids

Fantastic resources here for color by numbers, coloring resources and more!

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Do You Remember Doing Color By Numbers Printables For Kids? - Share your thoughts here!

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      7 years ago

      Great printables for younger children. Keep up the good work!


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