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crafty creatives

Updated on June 9, 2012

Painted love

Refreshing the décor in a bedroom every season is surprisingly fast, inexpensive and an excellent treatment for cabin fever. As many of us are financially embarrassed at the moment, changing the look and feel of a bedroom four times a year may seem a little excessive. But if you're among the thousands who are staying at home for vastly greater amounts of time than you used to, combatting cabin fever will be high on your list of priorities.

As this is my very first post, and I'm terminally blonde, you may come to realise that I tend to jump before I'm quite ready. This is simply to excuse the charming naiveté (or amateurish composition, if you will) of the photos. However, as they say on Mastermind, 'I've started so I'll finish', this post is to offer some ideas on how to revamp a bedroom for less than €20. I live in the eurozone so if you're a dollars or sterling or even more exotic and would like a local currency equivalent then feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to oblige for my next post.

Essentially, I had three rooms and a budget of €100. I still like the restful atmosphere provided by the ecru walls. But the room before the revamp was a little bland. It had be accented with creams and a duvet cover of other beiges and the room needed a little definition.

In better times I used to pass on bedlinen that had acquired a few 'knobbles' - those little balls of fabric that show the textile is worn - and had put this duvet cover into a bag for goodwill. However, upon closer inspection I realised it wasn't quite so worn that it couldn't still be of service. Besides, it was a special purchase in Carrefour in Le Mans, France during a holiday with my family. It has a quintessentially French feature in that the duvet cover has a flap at the foot end that sits neatly under the mattress to keep the duvet in place.

Rummaging through stuff in the attic I found a pendant light fitting that matched and this in turn reminded me of other accessories - such as the clock and some jugs and vases that had been part of a blue colour-scheme downstairs. Putting them together with the taupe of the walls added to the 'Wedgwood' feeling that pale blues and taupe inspire, but they still needed a dramatic focal point to lift the palette out of the bland.

A €15 stencil from Ikea above the bed, married with the black and white pillow covers finished the makeover for this room. The pillow covers are from Ikea too but were gifted so perhaps it's a bit of a swizz to say the room makeover only cost €15, but to me it did. 

The next room was the yellow attic room that is sunny and cheerful, however, it was home by default to a kitchen table and set of two chairs that had nowhere else to live in the house. A friend and I went to a series of DIY warehouses such as Homebase, B&Q and Atlantic Homecare and took a small piece of sample wallpaper from rolls that were already open. We pieced them together first without pasting them to see which patterns worked best with each other. I'll upload the pix of the chairs and a better view of the table when I get home but for now you can just see the edge of the table in the foreground of the picture. It completely transformed a grotty table and chairs, and was FREE. 

Finally, I had an odd-sized bed in the box room. It's in-between being a single bed (3'6") and a double and I've been told is called a "Queen" size? This too will need a more explicit, updated photograph when I get home as the headboard has been adorned with a roll of dark brown feathers that add texture and drama to the plain dark chocolate. But for now, the crafty idea that is illustrated is that the base of the bed was a thoroughly gick orange with a garish pattern. It demanded that the base be covered at all times and being an odd-sized bed was infuriating to make and remake with a standard size valance. I bought two spray cans of chocolate brown paint and transformed the base to match the leatherette of the headboard.

Another idea you could use as it gives the illusion of space - purely accidental I must add, as I had no double duvet to use for that bed anyway - is to put a single duvet horizontally across the bed when you make it in the mornings. You've to straighten the thing anyway, so it takes as much time as a conventionally sized duvet. However, using the single duvet (which is wide enough for the one person that fits comfortably into this size bed) in this way, means you have a tableau of solid blocks of colour that make the bedlinen look interesting. In anycase, this bedroom makeover cost €20 and the cushions were culled from the living room. 

Changing the accent colours gave the rooms a completely different atmosphere and refreshed the mood of the rooms.

Cheap and cheerful revamps for bedrooms

Just seen: wallpaper samples transform a study table.
Just seen: wallpaper samples transform a study table.
Easy peel stencils from Ikea add interest to a wall.
Easy peel stencils from Ikea add interest to a wall.


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