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Create & print photographic business cards easily & quickly

Updated on June 10, 2015
Tutorial. How to create photographic business cards.
Tutorial. How to create photographic business cards. | Source

Photographic business cards always make a great impression

This is especially the case if you are working in a creative field - maybe you're an interior designer, a photographer, a writer or perhaps you make jewelry. What better way to show your skills than right there on your business card.

Quick and easy to make

Even a simple drawing program on your computer can help you create your cards. There are plenty of free programs you can download or even website services. Here's an example. I used InDesign for these examples but free programs are fine.

Order online

Once you have created your cards, you can order them online from a company that offers a fabulous service. The minimum order is for only fifty cards that are double sided; your photograph on one side and your contact details on the reverse. (Note that this is to the US site but you can also reach others from here - UK, France, Germany, Spain and France.)

Click here


  • None required


  • Computer
  • Basic drawing program



1. Select photographs.

I created a fictitious company for this demonstration and selected copyright-free images from Wikipedia but of course, your own photographs would work even better.

Choose photographs that are high quality and reflect your business well.

Juicy, ripe tomatoes show exactly what the company provides.


2. Select font.

Because these cards are for a business, I wanted a typeface that would be straightforward and businesslike.

The image shows the ones I considered.I chose the one at the bottom (Impact) because of its readability and the fact that it has a tomato-y 'chubbiness'.

Font selection should always be based on

a) readability and

b) suitability for purpose.

Your personal preferences should not be a factor.

'Because I like it' is not a valid reason.


3. Set up the business card

Create a new file in your drawing program and add the image of your choice.

I like photographic business cards on which the photograph covers as much of the card as possible, preferably bleeding to the edge of the card.

To ensure that it does, extend your photograph well beyond the card's size.


4. Add the text.

For this card, the text is in three separate text boxes (see the image in the previous step).

This allows you to position it exactly as you wish and enlarge the most important words.

Use the 'free transform tool' (as it is called in most drawing programs) and keep the shift key pressed down to to maintain the proportions.


5. Line up the text.

I prefer to do this manually. If you select a text box, you'll be able to move it using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

See here how the 'f' of 'perfect' is centralized over the second 't' of 'tomato' and the 'c' of 'company' is aligned to the left hand upright of 'tomato'.


6. Tip!

Note the four colored boxes on the card at the top of the page.

They add a little interest. See how the colors have been taken from the photograph using the eyedropper tool. Instant coordination!

Note that to be sure they are aligned, there is an 'invisible' white rectangle at each side.


7. Tip!

I like the use of white space, especially when combined with an image that disappears off the side of the card.

In this example, I have used the white space below to add the company's web address at the bottom, picking the green color for the text using the eyedropper tool.


8. The back of the card.

Finally, create a new file for the reverse of the card.

Copy and paste the text boxes from the front of the card.

Adjust the colors if you wish and add any further details such as your name, mailing address or email address.

I like to leave plenty of white space on a card because many people like to use the area to make notes about you and your business.


Although the following products aren't essential to make your own cards, they are great if you want to get serious about your design work.

© 2014 Jackie Jackson


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    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 3 years ago

      Great advice as I step in to the business card arena.

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 4 years ago

      Great tutorial - thanks

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @RPWag: Excellent - perfect timing! You could use either a photograph of yourself or a lovely image of the instrument you play :)

    • RPWag profile image

      RPWag 4 years ago

      I found your lens to be very helpful and nicely done. I am a Musician and in need of some new cards so eureka!!

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @Merrci: Thank you for visiting!

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 4 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      Very clever and well demonstrated! Thanks for sharing it!

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @VspaBotanicals: Thank you so much!

    • VspaBotanicals profile image

      VspaBotanicals 4 years ago

      This is a wonderful lens!

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @Johanna Eisler: Thank you!

    • Johanna Eisler profile image

      Johanna Eisler 4 years ago

      Simple, clear, and beautiful! Good job!

    • captainj88 profile image

      Leah J. Hileman 4 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      Nicely done. In the past, I have used VistaPrint or I have just used Publisher on my laptop and a high-quality inkjet or photo printer with pre-perforated cardstock from an office supply store. With the online sites, I love them because their templates make the design so effortless.

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @Heidi Vincent: What a lovely comment - thank you!

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 4 years ago from GRENADA

      This visually appealing, britflorida! I would definitely buy tomatoes from this company if presented with such a professional looking and visually appealing card.

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @sousababy: Haha - very true!

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      Fabulous tutorial - but what if I say "tomato" and someone else pronounces it "to-matt-to" :)

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @ColettaTeske: Thank you for a lovely comment!

    • profile image

      ColettaTeske 4 years ago

      Great tips on how to make a visually appealing business card. I like the examples used in this how-to. Very clean and uncluttered. Thank you!