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Easy Steps to Create a Simple Creative Scrapbook

Updated on June 18, 2011

You can make your own creative scrapbook and it is so easy to do it too

Collage Ideas
Collage Ideas
Choose a theme to reflect what you are scrapbooking about
Choose a theme to reflect what you are scrapbooking about

Useful Scrapbooking Videos

Simple Scrapbook - How to get you started in creative scrapbooking?

You heard people saying that creative scrapbooking is not hard. You go back, take out your stack of photos, markers and some scrapbooker paper, but you do not know where to start. If this sound familiar to you maybe you should start with simple scrapbook first and progressed from it later.

Follow these simple steps below and you'll find your scrapbooking project easier to handle:

1) Plan and organize your scrapbook pages

To start with, you will need your title, intro and table of contents pages to introduce your scrapbook. You can also create sections to split your scrapbook and plan the contents that you want to put inside each sections. The last page will be the closing page. Jot down what you want to put into these pages and maybe sort your photos accordingly. Having everything organized will make it easier for you to start your scrapbooking project later. You'll also able to visualize and determine how your storyline will go and what material to use

2) Start to design your scrapbook

Decide how big you want your scrapbook to be. What paper sizes do you want to use? What color scheme and where you want to place your photos and your text. Draw your scrapbook layout on a piece of paper so that you'll not forget your ideas. You can always refer to this as you are doing your scrapbook.

3) Choose the theme

Ask yourself what you want to scrapbook about? Are you scrapbooking about your friends, special events or about your self? Are you paying tribute to sombedy?

These questions will guide in choosing what theme you want to use.

4) Do you want to add some decorative elements to it?

You can use many things to enhance your theme. From die cut, stickers and other crafty elements. Ask yourself where you want to put it. Having all of these planned in advanced will help you in visualizing how your scrapbook will be.

If you have these planned, you'll also have some basic ideas on what type of scrapbooking materials that you'll need. Maybe you'll need to purchase some from the craft and hobbies shop - so have the list ready

You have come this far, so what are you waiting for? Grab all your scrapbooking materials and start your creative scrapbooking now.

Your plan served as ideas and guides for you to start your creative scrapbooking project. You can always change and update it, depending on the needs. I find that by doing all the planning in advance, it help me to get the scrapbooking project done in time and I feel less pressured doing it.

So, how do you tackle your scrapbook project?

Creative Scrapbook Layout and Color Scheme

Suitable color scheme can really enhance your scrapbook
Suitable color scheme can really enhance your scrapbook
Scrapbooking templates is a good way for you to get started
Scrapbooking templates is a good way for you to get started

How to Choose a Scrapbook Album

I'm curious why people do scrapbooking...

Can you let me know why you scrapbook?

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Do you do creative scrapbooking? Share your experience here!

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      nicole elago 3 years ago

      Its ugly

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      melanie lanon 3 years ago

      its nice

    • profile image

      Hanna Mae 5 years ago

      NIce Tips !

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      Alexandra 5 years ago

      Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Jezhug 7 years ago

      Nice tips CreativeScrapbook.

      Fantastic Hub.

    • CreativeScrapbook profile image

      CreativeScrapbook 8 years ago

      Thank you so much for the kind word. It took me ages to create the hub because I'm not used to it. By the way, i like your rooster hub :)

      I started scrapbooking recently and so far has created some scrapbooks. It still look 'amateurish' though.. so I need to get some books to learn more about it :)

    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 8 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      Nice first hub! Welcome!!! I have so much scrap booking to do, so I will bookmark this will help me to keep focused on what to do next, as it gets so overwhelming when you sit down with tons of photos and scrapping materials!!! Thanks for all the tips!!!