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Updated on April 2, 2016


I used to gather wooden panels from the streets of Tel Aviv .Then I painted them and the works reminded of Ido Bar El.

Probably he started this kind of painting before me even after Rafi Lavie but this is not the reason I was neglected by the curators. I think that I should have called Ido Bar El to give him the wooden panels but somebody told me he doesn't have a sense of humor.

Wooden panel found in the street and painted by Morris Ganis

Work by Ido Bar El

Paintings Tower

Before I threw away the paintings I did out of wooden panels I found at the street I made a tower adding the wooden panels the one on top of the other. I wanted to make notice of how many painters are painting on ready made found objects. We could make a tower of all these paintings that were found in the street.

Paintings Tower


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