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Gorgeous Animal Cross Stitch Designs from Dimensions Gold

Updated on August 24, 2017

Some of the most beautiful cross-stitch designs on the market!

Dimensions Gold Cross Stitch kits provide beautiful designs all pre-packaged for you. Doing a design this way often saves you money, and you can save even more by ordering on Amazon.

This page gives you quick and easy access to animal cross stitch kits on Amazon (all by Dimensions Gold).

Hopefully you will find this helpful. I can guarantee that you will find a savings on this page! I have also highlighted some products that might help you in your stitching.

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Introduce yourself!

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Dimensions Gold Cross Stitch

Not for the Faint of Heart

Before I show you some of the Dimensions Gold designs that I particularly love, I really want to make it clear that these kits are not for the faith of heart. Beginning cross-stitchers will probably want to opt for something less complex and working with a lower thread-count fabric. Most Gold kits are on an 18. Opting for a 10 or a 14 for beginners is preferable. These kits can try the patience of even more advanced crafters, so please consider your skill level before making your purchase.

It is also noteworthy that the petites collection is just as difficult as the larger designs: they are only smaller. While this may make them quicker, it does not make them easier!

Beguiling Tiger - I'm a fan of cats in general, but especially big cats!

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Beguiling Tiger
Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, Beguiling Tiger

This kit is on my personal wish list. I started it before, but it was during the time right before my home got robbed and I lost all of my crafts things amongst others (don't ask). I'd love to work on this kit again. It is not an easy one by any means, though the amount of unstitched area on the fabric makes it somewhat less intimidating than other Dimensions Gold kits.


Dimensions Gold Petites - Wild Animals

The following Dimensions Gold Cross Stitch Kits are from the petites collection and feature wild animals. All are very beautiful. You can purchase directly from this page: simply click on the link and make your purchase through Amazon. Vote for your favorites to bring them up to the top of the list!

I Drool over this Design - The Guardian

Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, The Guardian
Dimensions Needlecrafts Counted Cross Stitch, The Guardian

The picture on Amazon doesn't do it justice. I've seen this design completed and it is... amazing if done well. I've wanted this particular design for several years now and just never seem to be able to gather up the courage to give it a shot. I haven't been cross stitching in recent years due to arthritis in my hands (and I'm only in my early thirties) but I still desperately want to get this design!

Cats are my "thing" (even though I'm a dog person) but wolves have always captured my imagination!


Dimensions Gold - Wild Animals

The following Dimensions Gold Cross Stitch designs are much larger than the petites. I recommend these for people with higher skill levels, because even simple tasks such as finding your place in the middle of a large design can be difficult with larger grids. These are all striking images of wild animals from artwork. I hope that you enjoy them!

Remember that you can vote your favorites up so that they stay at the top of the list!

Embroidery Hoops
Embroidery Hoops

Choosing an Embroidery Hoop or a Scroll Frame

Yes, it's important!

When I first started cross-stitching, I used metal hoops. My grandmother had them available, and they were convenient. And rusty. And they ruined the work. If you have metal hoops, my advice is to either take very good care of them (she didn't, and I was just a kid) or replace them with something else. Wooden embroidery hoops are very inexpensive.

The problem is that even with wooden or plastic embroidery hoops (see below) the hoop will need to be removed when not in use because it creases the fabric. I have had no luck in ironing out these creases. That's why I opted to spend a bit more money and purchase myself a scroll frame. Not only is the frame virtually indestructible (I don't want to talk about the things I've done to mine!), but it doesn't need to be constantly removed, or moved around as you work. You simply scroll the bars and move to the next area of the work.

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Purchase your Embroidery Hoop - You will need one to go with your Dimensions Gold Cross Stitch Kit

I like these hoops. They are generally sturdier and tighten down more firmly than the wooden hoops. I also find that they crease the fabric less than the wooden hoops and that I get significantly less slippage. Please make sure to order the correct size for your project. Check the dimensions of your finished piece when you go to order it, and then select a hoop that will fit the piece. You may need to move it around several times during the working process.

Or if you Prefer, a Scroll Frame - This is my choice

My personal opinion is that a scroll frame is a better option. I find it easier to control a large piece of cross stitch with a scroll frame, and you don't get any ugly creasing. They can be tough to put together sometimes, however, and if you are a new cross-stitcher, you might prefer to start with a simple hoop.

Dimensions Gold Petites - Domestic Animals

The following Dimensions Gold Petites Collection kits feature domestic animals. These finished designs will be considerably smaller than the large Dimensions Gold designs and will be finished quite a bit quicker. However, they are still not for the novice cross-stitcher and involve a lot of different colors and blending techniques. Enjoy!

Embroidery Hoop or Frame? - Which is better?

There are two convenient ways to stretch the fabric you are stitching on. The first is an embroidery hoop, and the second is an embroidery frame. The choice is purely individual. Which one do you prefer?

Which is better, a hoop or a frame?

I'm a Fan of Animal Cross-Stitch - What about you?

When I am choosing a design for my cross-stitch, I really love two types of design: animals and houses. There is something about the beauty of animals in cross-stitch that really fascinates me. What is your favorite type of design?

What is your favorite type of Cross-Stitch Design?

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What do you think of the Dimensions Gold Collection? - Let me know you were here!

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