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Discover Google Doodles

Updated on March 11, 2013

Have You Discovered Google Doodles?

Let's say you use Google as your own personal search engine, and you are online and searching pretty often. But please do admit, have you noticed Google Doodles? My absolute favorite was Mother's Day 2012.

If you haven't noticed, you owe it to yourself to search at least weekly if not daily using Google Search, and check out the amazing creativity that is displayed using the word Google. Or just for the fun of it think of a holiday or international event and do a search for the event, like Veterans Day - this Doodle is from 2007.

Everyday Google!

I've been so amazed at the imagination of the artists, and also have discovered that there is a Zazzle store where you can actually buy items with the Google Doodles imprinted on them for gifts, home decor, and clothing. Order Google Doodles on Zazzle.

Image Credit

To add this picture to my introduction, I went to the page - right clicked on the image Saved Image As and gave the image a name. The image is in GIF format, so then I opened it in PhotoShop Elements and added a border to make the image a square, added the lettering for the title, then saved the image as JPG format. This is not my original art the link to it is above under "Image Credit" be sure to click on that link to view the actual image on the Google Doodle web page.

Google Doodle Gift Ideas

Zazzle is an online on demand store where customized products are quick and available immediately.

Google Doodle has thousands of items for you to choose from, look through these pages.

Here are a few samples:

Phone Case

Veterans Day Note Cards

Mother's Day 2012 Framed Poster

World's Largest Snowflake Mug


This is a great winter pass time!

Zamboni by Google Doodle - Find it on YouTube

Ada Lovelace Google Doodle

I studied computers starting in the 60's - yes back when punch cards and Fortran reigned. We learned the history of algorithms and Babbage, but I don't remember learning about Ada Lovelace. She worked with Babbage on all these gadgets!! Fine piece of history here.

Google Doodles on YouTube

Star Trek: The Original Series Google Doodle has several interactive options. View this video then click here to interact with the original Star Trek Doodle. Be sure to watch the video it gives you several hints and tips.

And other interactive videos of Google Doodles for your enjoyment.

P.S. You can skip the ad at the front of the videos!!

Sputnik 50thAnniversary

You Can Doodle or at Least Have a Doodle Phone

Get a Doodle phone case or a Doodle Pen on Amazon. Or the Google Doodle Song for $.99

How did Google Doodle Get Started?

How Many Doodles Through the Years?

Who Doodles?

These questions are answered on THIS PAGE.

Doodles are spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo.

How did the idea for doodles originate?

It began in 1998 when the two founders left a message in the company logo changing the second o with a stick figure to indicate they were "Out of the Office."

Read the full story here.

Other special days were doodled by various staff members, and in time the demand rose to an international interest - a team of "Doodlers" was formed.

Just Another Fantastic Example of

Submit a Doodle to Google.

Send your idea via email to

Go to this web page to see the winners in the K-12 Youth Annual Competition called Doodle 4 Google.

Let me know your favorite. I'm sure I haven't seen them all, there are so many.

Have You Experienced Google Doodles Before Now? - Tell my your favorite Google Doodle.

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    • Entrance Mats profile image

      Entrance Mats 

      4 years ago

      Love Bob Ross!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Loved google doodle iphone 5 case.Also seen more iphone 5 cases here

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i like google doodle. it cool. (

    • TeacherSerenia profile image


      5 years ago

      I could not tell you just ONE favourite google doodle - there are so many. But I really like the TOS star trek google doodle I just saw on the video. That was cool.


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