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Do it yourself Solid Perfume!

Updated on November 8, 2009
A yummy fruit scent will give you an exotic quality!
A yummy fruit scent will give you an exotic quality!
Jasmine is always a popular scent!
Jasmine is always a popular scent!
I love to smell like edible confections!
I love to smell like edible confections!

How to make solid perfume.

Hello and welcome! In this article I would like to share with you my tried and tested technique for making a solid perfume with your own original scent! If you're like me you're allergic or you have friends or family that are allergic to a lot of the chemicals in commercial perfumes today. This recipe is fast, simple, vegan, fun, affordable and you can make as much as you'd like. Make some today and send it to friends and family for the holidays. Or keep your original scent all to yourself!

Firstly you'll need to gather your ingredients. There are a lot of places online you can purchase them on the cheap if you live in a rural area or an urban hub. You can search "Google" or "Amazon" for the items you need quickly and right from home. Or you can search craft stores and health stores near you for the items. It's up to you! This recipe is very easy to make in larger quantities so you can make a lot or a little, for just you or for all the people you know! Please read all the instructions fully before starting the project, there are helpful item ideas after the steps!


~ 1 tablespoon jojoba oil, almond oil, or vitamin-e (from a non-animal source) oil.

~ 1 tablespoon soy wax, or petroleum jelly.

~ 10-15 drops essential oil.

~ 1 Small container for the finished product.

~ 1 disposable / thin mixing stick.

~ 1 small glass, ceramic, or Pyrex jar, mixing bowl or measuring cup (spouts are good!)

~ 1 Pyrex, or Teflon coated saucepan

~ 1 oven mit

This recipe yields about 1 half ounce of perfume. Remember you can always make a larger batch if you want to!

Steps to making your solid perfume:

~ First you'll need to get all of your ingredients together.

~ Next you'll need to place the wax or petroleum jelly into the mixing bowl.

~ Add the oil you've chosen to the wax in the mixing bowl.

~ Then you'll want to "double boil" the wax and oil. Add 1 and a half to 2 inches of water in your sauce pan. Now place your mixing bowl with the wax and oil in it into the sauce pan with the water in it. Bring the water to a boil. The wax or petroleum jelly will melt slowly.

~ When the wax and oil are completely melted, remove from heat.

~ Carefully with the oven mit on,remove the small mixing bowl from the sauce pan.

~ While the mixture is still hot,add your chosen essential oils to the melted mixture.Stir with the long/thin disposable stirring stick. I've found that a wooden kabob skewer works wonderfully! Do this step quickly as the wax will begin to cool and form on the stick.

~ Using the oven mit again, pour the mixture from the bowl (this is why I like to use a measuring cup) into the small container you'll be using to house your solid perfume. In about 45 minutes the perfume will be cooled, in a solid state and ready for use!

For a cheap and easy to use applicator try using a cleaned out chap-stick tube. Or you can use a cleaned out Carmex container. If you want something more fancy check out dollar stores for a pretty glass, ceramic, tough plastic, or tin container with a nice design. You can even make your own labels and add an even more personal touch to gifts this way.

~ To use simply apply by rubbing a finger over the mixture and then dabbing it where ever you'd like the scent. If you've chosen to use a chap-stick tube you can just use it as a "roll on" and apply it by dabbing it where you'd like. Your body heat will melt the mixture so it's very easy to apply. Be careful not to store in in hot places or it will melt!

There are many other ways you can use this simple and affordable perfume in your daily life!

> Try a citronella, tea tree or cedar-wood solid perfume for you and your family as an insect repellent. Works great for fleas and ticks on your dog's collar as well!

> Tea tree, and cinnamon are both anti-fungal and have a warming quality. Use as a foot fub for tired feet. or medicinally for fungus relief.

> Apply a valerian root, chamomile, or lavender solid on you temples after a hard day for aromatherapy relaxation.

Have fun making!

Lady Make


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