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Doodling Can Make You Smarter

Updated on May 1, 2011

Doodle Art

It is interesting to find out all the things researchers do studies on. Since the researchers from Duke University have done the research we might as well benefit from it.

Doodling during a lecture or presentation helps you remember 29% more of what you hear.

Did you know, that what you doodle and how you do it activates certain areas of the brain, according to brain scans.In effect doodling when your bored can help to relieve anxiety, make you happier, or even help you make a better decision. The mandalas are so pretty, they are like super doodles, pretty cool huh.

Doodles Are More Than Just Mindless Scribbles

1. Are you Trying to lose weight, quit smoking or any other activity that requires will power? - Draw those happy faces, you know the big round circle with the smile, drawing happy smiley faces will give you the will power to resist temptation. Happy faces make you feel better improving your mood which will help you stick to your goal. Waiters and waitresses have found that drawing a happy face on the check got them a bigger tip, usually about 18% more on average.

2. Trying to come up with some new ideas - start drawing figure 8's and circles this will calm you down enough to increase your creativity opening you up to new ideas. The repetitive motion of these drawings is kind of like meditation making these type of doodles good for coming up with new ideas.

3. If you want to give your brain a workout - doodle with your non dominant hand. These doodles are not your best work but using your weaker hand will access the areas of your brain you use the least. Not only that doodling with your non dominant hand exercises the neural pathways that boost memory, verbal ability, and creative ability, increasing your brain power and making you smarter.

4. Trying to solve a problem - try free drawing this is a technique that is used by many child psychologists. If you are really stressed or worried just try drawing anything that comes to mind this will help you tap into your gut instincts helping you come up with an answer.

5. Feeling anxious, or worried - Mandela are your answer, not only do they help you stop anxiety and worry, coloring in mandalas requires a lot of concentration which in turn helps to calm you down, relieving anxiety. Mandalas come from ancient cultures. Mandalas are just circles with intricate designs that are colored in and help produce a meditative state.

What Do You Doodle?

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