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Drafting tools for Interior Designers

Updated on October 9, 2014

Drafting Tools and Drafting Information

With all the technology available today, drafting has not just become a science but also an art. Nearly all commercial and industrial architectural firms are using various computer programmes (CAD and etc).

Has drafting became a thing of the past? Drafting is a skill - a craftsman, so to speak. This is the true and authentic way of drafting. In my opinion, to be a pro you need to know how to draft.

Drafts are usually done architects and engineers (of course students) that create technical drawings for a customer. These drawings serve as a tool for transferring an idea into it's physical form.

For those who use drafting either as a hobby or as a profession, here are some useful basic information and tips you may want to consider.

You need:

Draft Pencil

Drafting Compass

Drawing board

Erasing shield

Good Paper

Soft pencil eraser

Triangular Scale


drafting boards, draft tools, drafting, squidoo
drafting boards, draft tools, drafting, squidoo

Drafting Board

The most important tool

Drafting Board

A very popular tool. You need a good quality draft board. Make sure that the table has a large angled surface. You need a durable board, able to withstand continuous use, plus preferably lightweight & portable.

Also make sure that your stool or chair is well adjusted to the height of your table. Might as well include an adjustable lamp that can be moved or angled in such a way that it shines directly over the drawing. It's good idea is to have a paper cutter within reach. Having your drafting set within easy reach makes you work more efficiently and less tiring.

Drawing using the Drafting Board Effectively

When using your drafting board, make sure to tape all four corners of the paper in order to secure to prevent it from moving while you draw.

Drafting Pencil

Drafting Pencil: .5mm 6H lead and H lead / .9mm pencil with H or 2H head;

A major tool we cannot do without. This is required by all drafters.

This tool is useful for drawing guidelines and construction lines. It is also a good habit to have on hand a .5mm with an H head. This comes in handy when you need to darken center and hidden lines. It is also useful for the purpose of doing lettering. When darkening thick object lines, a .9mm pencil either with an H head or 2H lead will be perfect for this routine.

drafting tools, squidoo, draft-tools, design
drafting tools, squidoo, draft-tools, design

Drafting Compass

Drafting Compass

If you would like to practice the use of a drafting compass, a circle is the best way of getting comfortable with this tool.

Start by placing the point of your drafting compass at the center point of the circle you intend to draw. When drawing an arc, try to visualize that the arc extends all the way around into a circle an place the point of the compass at the center of that imaginary circle. Adjust the lead of the end of the compass so that it touches where you like the edge of the circle to be. Grasp the middle of the compass with your thumb and fingers and perform a rotating motion using downward pressure on the compass making a circle or arc.

Have a break!

Drafting skill is no more important.

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Drafting tools on Amazon - 5 things you will need

Remember to buy good quality products

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    • WildFacesGallery profile image


      8 years ago from Iowa

      It looks like you are providing a lot of good information with this and your other interior design lenses.


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