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Duct tape Crafts for Kids - Great Fun and so easy

Updated on November 6, 2014

Duct Tape for Craft? Really?

Duct tape! One of the most fantastic tools ever created by man, men all over the world have been using it to bodge nearly everything for decades and now it has another use! Making stuff!

Below are some great guides on how to create, and indeed let your children create, fantastic bracelets, bags and much more. The most I ever made was a pouch for slips of paper in my toolbox back when I was a mechanic, but it is really quite easy to make wonderful gifts and best of all you only need duct tape!

Images courtesy of Amazon

What can you and your children really make with Duct Tape?

Duct Tape crafting has hit the US in a big way, proving that not only is Duct Tape one of the greatest tools in the world but is just as versatile in crafting (if you can believe that!). When used in crafting items you can create waterproof, durable and unique products that will not, if made correctly, come apart like some might believe.

Duct tape is great for children to craft with as it is easy to use, versatile and captures the imagination as you can create just about anything.

Duct Tape is now available in all colours imaginable including various prints such as leopard, DPM and Zebra so now it is only your imagination stopping you from creating some truly awesome and cheap products.

Just Duct Tape It! - Great Duct tape Resource

Just Duct Tape It!
Just Duct Tape It!
With more than 25 projects from flowers to flip-flops, this book is great for anyone getting into the duct tape craft.

Duct Tape Wrist Cuff

This is a great way to start if you have never used duct tape as a craft material before. It gives a great introduction to the basic skills you need when using duct tape. It also leaves you with a gorgeous and fun accessory that your child can wear with the pride that comes from making something yourself.

Mastering Duct Tape Fabric

Getting the hang of duct tape fabric is essential to move forward. It is so easy though so don't worry. Once you have the knack of fabric then you are free to create anything you like. Your imagination is your only limit.

All the colors of ......... Duct Tape?

Duct tape is available in just about every colour, shade and print possible,. It might just take some hunting for the more extreme patterns.

Duct Tape in the UK

You can get Duct Tape at most craft stores in the US, but if you are in the UK it can be harder to come-by. It can still be done though. When I first started "duct tapping" i found it difficult. Although you can get silver, white and black at any hardware store the different colors and patterns were harder. Hobbycraft is the place to go though. They have a range of styles and colours for £3 available with click and collect or home delivery. If they are out of stock then its the old faithfuls of eBay and Amazon. Amazon offer a large range of patterned and colorful tapes to suit almost every style and these are generally available all year. They also have a range available with prime delivery. eBay is also good and you can get some great deals, but like everything with eBay, it comes and goes.

The Original Duct Tape Craft - A Wallet!

When you have mastered the basics (told you it was easy!) then attempting a wallet is good for improving your skills. The duct tape wallet is the original duct tape craft.

Duct Tape Flowers

Duct Tape flowers can be a fantastic gift that lasts a lifetime and create a unique way of showing your affection. They are also a good way of developing your skills as they require more intricate work.

Top Tips For Working with Duct Tape.

- Start small, learn to walk before you try running.

- Don't be afraid to use colour, Duct Taping is about being unique.

- Watch out for the sticky, once stuck, never undone.

- Most importantly, have fun!

Duct Tape Jewelry

At some point every girls tries making her own jewelry. So why not try with Duct Tape. With so many colors to choose from your imagination is the only restriction.

Give Duct Tape a go and just have fun with it.

Duct tape is so versatile and is a great way to enjoy time with your children if you find you are running out of ideas just try YouTube. There are so many amazing videos out there with some wonderful creations to discover. Most importantly just have fun. You can get Duct Tape at most craft stores but if you are in the UK it can be harder to come-by. It can still be done though. Check out Ebay and Amazon for the best deals.


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