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Dye Hard…Fade Fast. It’s in your Jeans!!

Updated on April 23, 2013

How to fade blue jeans

Blue Jeans give off a vibe like a car or music. Just as the music you listen to and the car you drive reveals a lot about you, so can a pair of jeans. In the 50’s it was the ‘raw jeans’ with the cuffs rolled up and white t shirt. The 60’s gave us ‘blue jeans’ and long hair. Those same jeans became ‘Faded jeans’ in the 70’s. The 80’s gave us ‘stone washed & acid washed jeans’. The 90’s till today gives us distressed, recycled, and raw denim. Anything goes now. I wanted to give some tips on how to rid ‘raw’ denim of the strong new smell and tips on how to get the ‘faded’ look.

How to get rid of the ‘new’ smell of Raw Denim:

Preheat oven to 400°F then turn down around 175°F - 200°F

  1. Turn denim inside out and place jeans folded on center rack
  2. Set timer for 2 minutes and shut door
  3. Remove jeans from oven and allow to cool
  4. Refold jeans in a different position and repeat process on rack for 1-2 more minutes
  5. Be careful not to scorch or burn jeans
  6. You might notice fumes coming off the jeans, this burn off technique gets rid of smell. If you want to distress the raw denim and have fun at the beach at the same time then ‘beach wash’ is in order:

Take a swim in the salt water then find some dry sand to sit on and rub down all the areas you want to distress the most. Then get back to the ocean and repeat the process several times. The more you do, the lighter the affect. Finally, find a fresh water shower and rinse off the salt water/sand mix. For the shrink to fit affect, wear the jeans until dry. If not, dry on a hanger in the sun.

If you are looking for a quick way to fade jeans then Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate & Sodium Carbonate will do the trick. Keep in mind never use ammonia in combination with these ingredients. Rit® Fast Fade makes it fast and easy:

  • Fill washer to low to half full level with hot water and add laundry detergent as if a normal load
  • Add Fast Fade at water level (careful not to inhale any dust)and agitate to dissolve powder
  • Add unbuttoned/unzipped clothing to washer making sure it is fully covered in the water. Agitate at least 40 minutes do not allow washer to cycle or spin out the water. Avoid breathing the fumes while mixing (close the lid). After the 40 minutes allow a normal cycle to complete the washing.
  • Reset the wash for a normal cycle and wash items with laundry detergent and softener.
  • Dry in dryer or sun light dry on clothes line A word of caution, you MUST keep this product away from children and pets.

For a light fade use 1.5 oz in the washer and for a heavy fade use 3 oz.

Never Say Dye...Say Rit!" I bought a bulk size of Fast Fade since the small size is no longer available. Send me a message if interested in getting a few ounces. Rock On!!


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