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Easy To Create Wine Bottle Torches-Keep Them or Give Them as Gifts

Updated on May 14, 2016

I've been saving wine bottles for some time now, ever since I went to a street fair and saw them turned into useful objects. I couldn't believe the prices they were selling them for, so I decided to use my crafting skills and make some of my own. I plan to give them as gifts. They didn't take me very long to create and I actually had some of the wine so I could have the bottles. I think I will have my friends save some for me too.

As a practiced Do-it-Your-Selfer I have a huge selection of crafting supplies in my studio. I recently came across of Sharpy paint pens I forgot I had and decided to give them a try. They were easy to use and the idea I started with became very spontaneous once I started. The pens are filled with paint and can be used to smoothly draw and paint. I used a template I made for the fleur de lisle by tracing the outside of a cookie cutter. Then I placed it onto the bottle and traced it with one of the pens. I discovered that nail polish remover easily remove any mistakes I make while I traced.

The next thing I did was outline my design and I filled it in with color and random designs. I soon discovered that I needed to be careful not to touch the area I painted until they dried, since they easily rubbed off on my hands. I did all of my painting and drawing while holding the bottle in my hand and resting it on a towel for stability. I sealed the paint so it wouldn't scratch off with frosted window spray paint. It gave it a finished look.

If you decided to make a wine bottle craft the link with get you a free downloadable book. It has a lot of good ideas and may lead to some very imaginative wine bottle crafting.

What I used to make my torches

Empty wine bottle or any bottle with a small opening can be converted into a decorative light. Recycle bottle instead of returning them to the recycle bin. I like to use all of my glass bottles and jars for craft project. Not only can you make torches but, other creative project can be made from all of your glass bottles. Why not try a coke bottle or juice bottle for your next project. Paint, glue broke pieces of glass or glass gems on to the bottle for decoration. Mosaic tiles are also a good choice, as is string glued into geometric shapes and decorated with some paint. The possibilities are endless, only you can create a one of a kind project.

Oenophilia Afterglow Bottle Wicks, Beige - Set of 2
Oenophilia Afterglow Bottle Wicks, Beige - Set of 2

Turn your favorite wine bottles into a candle after it is empty.

Fill the bottle with lamp oil, place wick into oil and light for instant light.

Great way to instantly create ambiance and an easy to make gift.

Comes in a set of 2

Unique hostess gift


How Cool Are These?

How Cool Are These Easy to Make Bottle Crafts?

Save and old wine bottle and a little imagination and you are on your way to a cute handmade torch or chime.

Photo Gallery

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My Completed projects. They just need the chimney.Close-up of my fleur de lisle torchMonogram torch for my newly wed cousins
My Completed projects. They just need the chimney.
My Completed projects. They just need the chimney.
Close-up of my fleur de lisle torch
Close-up of my fleur de lisle torch
Monogram torch for my newly wed cousins
Monogram torch for my newly wed cousins

What do you think?

What do you think?

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    • Arachnea profile image

      Tanya Jones 3 years ago from Texas USA

      I love ways to up-cycle, recycle or otherwise use what would be tossed to the rubbish heap. The torches are a great idea. I hope to explore ways to light my apt a bit brighter. This may be the ticket. Thank you for sharing this idea.

    • Phyllis Doyle profile image

      Phyllis Doyle Burns 3 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

      Hi Cynthia. I love the ideas in this hub. I am watching the video on how to make the hanging lanterns. Your decorated bottles are quite pretty. Thanks for sharing these ideas.;