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Fairies & Fairy Houses

Updated on April 15, 2022

Woodland and Urban Fairies

Creating whimsical fairy houses in the woods is somewhat of a tradition in the Northeast, especially Maine and Vermont. Using tree stumps, mosses, twigs, acorns and other natural materials, children (and adults, too) fashion little dwellings, hoping the fairies will appreciate and use their gift to them. Learn a bit about these fairy houses and more as you explore this lens about fairies.

This fairy door is at Musterfield Farm in New Hampshire.

Why Do We Love Fairies So Much?

Is it the innocence and magic of childhood? Is it the desire to escape from the worries of our own world with all it's complications? Or, is it simply because they are so lovable?

Where the Fairies Live in Maine - Mackworth Island

On Mackworth Island in Maine, there is long-held tradition of building fairy houses in the woods and along the trails. It is truly THE fairy house island and known for its impromptu and fanciful fairy houses fashioned by visitors, or are some of them real fairy houses?

Where The Fairies Might Play - Along the Coast of Maine

Ogunquit, Maine
Ogunquit, Maine | Source

Flower Fairies - From Cicely Mary Barker

Here are two very special websites, one animated, which are showcasing Cicely Mary Baker, a children's book author and flower fairy artist who began her writing career in the 1920s. She gave us the whimsical and now iconic images of garden fairies dressed in flowers. Even if you don't know of Baker, you will probably recognize these fairy images. SCROLL DOWN to see two of her lovely books.

Foxglove - Surely the Fairies Love These

Make Your Own Fairy House

Here are some suggestions for natural materials to use in making your fairy house. I'm sure you can think of many more things to use. Gather them up and begin. Use your imagination. There is no right or wrong.

  • an old hollow tree: the bones of a house
  • acorn caps: dishes, finials & handles
  • milkweed fluff: pillows & beds
  • feathers: beds and decoration
  • empty walnut shells: sinks & bowls
  • Reeds and grasses: weave mats, rugs & blankets
  • mosses: cushions, chairs & footstools

Dandelion Fluff - Perfect for Soft Fairy Beds

Furniture For Your Fairy House - Sources of delightful pre-made tiny furniture

Why not also add furniture to your fairy house? Here are some sources and ideas for you.

What Do You Think Fairies do at Night? - Leave some lights on for your fairies

Fairy Habitats

Fairies so like to live near lovely, secluded flower beds. Maybe they feel like flowers themselves. Can they talk to the flowers? Are they, perhaps, half flower and half little person?

Fairy House Doors - Urban and Rural

Are there fairies in the city? Sometimes you can only see the little doors leading to who-knows-where.

Fairy Doll - With Her Flower Hat

I made this!

Tracy Kane, Author of the Fairy House Books

Tracy Kane is a New England author and illustrator of a series of books and DVDs on building fairy houses. She participates in and holds special events for children around New England. Click through her site to see photos of fairy houses built by children and a listing of up-coming events.

All Things Fairy at "Fairy Woodland" - A fantastic website about fairies

This is a beautiful website about fairies and is full of so much including: how to encourage fairies to use the fairy house you have built for them; how to see, hear and talk to fairies and oh so much more. There is also an e-shop with fairy houses and accessories.

Fairy Dances

Do you think that fairies are dancing with the flowers as they blow in the wind? Do they move so lightly that we cannot often see them?

Do You Believe in Fairies?

See results

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